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The "One Plan" - data usage allowance

Discussion in '3' started by bds1958, Sep 9, 2011.

  1. bds1958

    bds1958 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Been on 3 now for about a month now.

    Checked my data usage allowance yesterday and found I only had 456mb remaining.

    Strange, I thought as I'm on the "all the data you can eat" "One Plan".

    Rang Customer Services and was told that the "unlimited data" had just been introduced but my allowance was based on the old 1GB plan.

    I was informed that if I did hit my stated "allowance" I wouldn't be charged.

    Might be worth checking yourself if you're on the "One Plan".

    So come on 3, upgrade your system to reflect current contracts.

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  2. Markg

    Markg Android Enthusiast

    Sounds strange to me. As far as I am aware the One Plan is iplayer-all-day-tether-until-the-battery-is-dead unlimited. When did you sign up? Sometimes things can get lost in translation on the phone to customer services. If you're on Twitter they have a good service on there. Are you sure it's not just the data usage page that hasn't been updated i.e. it's displaying a meaningless number because you're unlimited?

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