The original All Emails App


A little intro to this app: This is the original All Email Providers app, a simple, useful concept, quick access to all email providers in one app. Where possible it'll log you in automatically after your first log in. (There are many copies of this app now, however the copies are lacking, as this app is updated regularly with more email providers and features).

The latest features since v4 includes a new Customize page where you have the ability to not just delete/hide email providers but also favorite (send your favorite/commonly used email provider to the top of your list by tapping a star icon). You can now also add your own link to a webmail provider giving this app lots of potential even beyond emails...
You can also choose to show a handy navigation bar instead of viewing email providers in full screen. The nav bar gives shortcuts to reload, go back and check other email providers.
It's a pretty simple yet useful app, it's had over 3 million downloads for a reason!


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