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-the phone plug in area

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by Android Question, Dec 19, 2013.

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    I got my new LG G2 phone and not had it for two weeks, the plug in area at the bottom of the phone stopped working. I was not able to get the phone to charge with the plug in to the wall or the one from the car. I use my phone for work and was unable to my calls or receive call for the phone was dead. I had my son check to my sure it was not a fuse in my car that was bad. I have returned the phone to see if it can be fixed or I get a new phone. Not a good way to start with a new phone. Has there been a problem with this phone doing this????

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    First time I heard of it here, at least with no diagnosis. You could have plugged the plug in at an angle and broken the center bar of the port off without noticing it (it's small). Granted, I think one of the worst decisions made by the industry was going to the microUSB family of connectors when they were looking for a universal one. There are much better ones (but they cost a fraction of a percent more, and over the course of millions of phones, that tarnishes a few golden parachutes).
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