May 18, 2011
i bought this desire s on 14th april 2011
and everything was okay

but then since last sunday the internet's bad

the speed was deteriorating badly
it's very slow
it takes long time even to open

what makes me confuse is that it display the signal symbol H 3G etc etc.

but the signal is very weak
i mean it shows H symbol but it works very slow

sorry for the bad language
i hope someone can give me solution what to do

does this cover the warranty?
does this gt smthing to do with the antenna?help.because i didnt drop it or whateve.
Download the speed test app and do a speed test. It may be that your carrier is doing maintenance causing 3G to be slow... 3G is not always fast as when i go up to my nans the 3G there is 0.09mb/s which is like EDGE speed!!