Android Expert
Nov 26, 2009
Is that the software isn't developing as fast as the hardware. I upgrade to a new phone almost every 12 month currently. When I buy a phone I now buy the phone as is. I do not expect a major update anymore because the hardware will be obsolete by the time the update follows. I was just thinking about this with my Droid. I can't wait for 2.1 and/or flash 10.1....but it's not likely I'll use either of them for very long. I know 2.1 will be available early next year, but by the time Verizon OK's it I'll be half way through my Droids life spam and already looking forward to the next device that can do everything the droid can do, has a larger screen, better battery life, faster processor, more memory and able to make coffee in the morning.

I'm just frustrated I guess, that hardware is developing faster then software. Maybe that's why the iphone was such a success? The options were limited and the software updates always come with the hardware?
i know exactly what you mean!

thats why I always hate buing a new phone, game console, or pmp. It seems like you have it for such a short ammount of time before it becomes obsolite.

and then you use all your money to but a current one.

my little cousin keeps on asking me if when i buy a new phone if he can have mine, and i always have to tell him that by the time i have enough money to buy a new phone, mine is going to be really old and outdated, and won't be as cool as what you think it is.

ughm.....i guess it's just the cirlce of life.