Root The Risk of Rooting


Ok, I haven't yet rooted, but as HTC keep pushing the date for 2.1 on my hero back i decided that i want to root. My main concern is that it voids the warranty, however i understand that you can simply un-root the phone before you send it away to get fixed. BUT, what happens if your phone fails to turn on, or that your motherboard is 'screwed' (which happened to me about a month ago however warranty covered it). How can you then un-root your phone before you send it away? or is that just the risk of rooting?



OK Computer
Well if the phone is dead they will just replace the mainboard or the entire phone so they will not know that you rooted or installed a custom ROM.

I've never heard a case of someone being refused service due to rooting or installing a custom ROM.


Android Expert
If the phone is borked enough that you can't revert to a stock ROM, chances are it's borked enough that they can't figure out that it's been rooted either. Or, at least, that they cant figure it out without spending far more time and money than it would cost them to issue you a replacement.

BUT: There is always the possibility that they will investigate, find out its been rooted and deny you your warranty.

It's a pretty slim chance though. Personally i cant see them bothering unless they start seeing a lot of phones returned that have failed *because* of being rooted (something that doesnt actually occur AFAIK, most brickings of this nature are recoverable). Too much negative publicity, and they must know that a sizable number of people buy their phones because they can be rooted.

And, like bluenova said, I've never seen anyone posting that theyve had their warranty denied due to a rooted phone.