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The Settlers HD

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by NativeJim, Jul 27, 2013.

  1. NativeJim

    NativeJim Newbie
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    So Ive been trying to figure out this game I downloaded: "The Settlers HD".
    The game description on; link deleted ;
    Says the game needs to be downloaded separate then the cache and the cache needs to be placed, once downloaded, in: "Sdcard>Gameloft>Game>GloftSTHP".

    Once I download the game and the cache separate. I extract the cache to the desired folder And when I open the game, I get a screen that says: "Your memory needs 'xx MB' to download the new files. But the reason I downloaded the cache was so I wouldn't have to download the extra files.

    Has anyone else have problems with The Settlers HD? And having to download the extra files is not supposed to pop-up after unzipping the Cache folder(650MB).

    I tried playing the game normally before finding out I had to download them separate and it went all correct and then once the game started, All I seen was a blank white texture.

    I been trying so hard to play this game since its rumored, to be the next best game to Age of Empires for Android. I did not buy the game, but am Downloading it free from the website. & the website is safe.

    Please help Im so desperate to play!!!


  2. AntimonyER


    So here's the thing. The game costs $4.99. So you are admitting you are pirating the game. If you check our site rules, you will see anything piracy related is forbidden.

    The only advice I can give you is if you want to play the game so bad, support the dev and buy the game.

    I'm locking this now.
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