Dec 31, 2012
G'day all :)

Well, my Tab crashed a few nights in a row to the Samsung logo. The final time it would not get past this logo at power on.

Thus I tried a factory reset, but still it was stuck at the logo.

Finally I tried a Kies firmware update, which brought it back to life, sort of.

Now, I can't format the internal SD card. Nor can I install any apps as they claim there's no space - so it appears that both the internal SD partition and the Applications(?) partition have become read-only.

I can install apps to the SD card via an APK, but on reboot they are size 0kb.

I can't sell it since I can't wipe my stuff from it.

Any suggestions? Or is it mostly dead. (Can still use camera, media player, clock, etc. but not email, internet.)