The stagnant waters of the hosting world


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The stagnant waters of the hosting world

Ive notice of course because I own several website and pay for hosting I can depend on with a quality company. But across the board for the past , nearly 5 years prices on hosting have not changed, either has options. Yea Im glad im still paying the same low price for a VPS, but back in the old days, you sort of got automatic upgrade bi yearly, as competitions required offering more for less.

Rant off [cost of paying for a higher VPS just for a few more GB sucks]


Most innovation has shifted towards cell phones and tablets.
The computer market was evolving much more rapidly pre smartphone.

Now the computer innovations are coming in much more slowly and not seeing rapid sales, thus not getting price drops.

EDIT: Also the majority of computer consumers needs are very small, Until we see the average consumer needing a stronger system. Server grade technology will not see any price reductions.

You might want to try
They have prices as low as 2.50 per month(currently out of stock)
Their most expensive OpenVZ is 10 per month and it could host a pretty good MC server
It has 2GB Guarenteed Ram 4GB Burst 4CPUs at 2.00GHz+ 100GB HDD and 3TB bandwidth.
I've not found a cheaper VPS.

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The hosting prices have pretty much plateaued probably because they're at rock bottom. I'm sure if they got any cheaper the companies buying the servers would be making a loss.

Problem is web hosting is such an easy business to start; you can start one right now by becoming a reseller on virtually any of the known hosting providers. All you do is rent the server from a web hosting company and you are allowed to resell it to X people (per server). So many people have done this that nowadays competing in web hosting is almost impossible unless you're already rich or have a bigger company to back you with extensive marketing and advertising campaigns, or you find some way to make your hosting unique (such as including free hosting with your paid app or other service).

Web designers often provide "free" hosting to their clients which they pay for out of their profits.


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Ive run the whole gambit of "low" cost hosting and all it means is 6month after I move in, they push us back out for using up all the resources. I only use name brand big companies. Anyone who ever had to move a big website knows what a PITA it is.