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The Stupid Question Thread

Discussion in 'Funny / Meme' started by rootabaga, Aug 10, 2017.

  1. rootabaga

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    Kind of a la Bill Engvall's "Here's Your Sign" routine, but this is more about the times you get the stupid comment or question and don't respond, for a potential variety of reasons.

    My most recent experience in this genre...

    I eat at a nearby Chipotle about two or three times a month. (It doesn't really matter which Chipotle I go to, this happens at them all.) I always order the same thing: a VEGGIE salad -- with the dressing. After we take care of the rice and beans, EVERY TIME the employee looks at me and says, "what kind of meat?" And I'm serious, it's EVERY STINKIN' TIME.

    I really want to say, "Well, I don't know. What kind of meat do YOU recommend for a VEGGIE salad?"

    But that would be snarky and rude and unkind, none of which well suit my personality, so I usually just say "Um...the veggies."

    (Sigh...and now that I think of it, that's only one letter from Sign, after all.) :D

    What are your tales?

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