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The Thunderbolt ROM List (Updated 11/9)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by WormDoes, Apr 2, 2011.

  1. WormDoes

    WormDoes Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    If you have flashed one of these ROMs/Kernel and would like to give your opinion please do so below. If possible, though, I'd like to keep the basic questions/comments and conversation out of this thread. Each link takes you right to the developers thread where you will find people who are using the ROM/Kernel you're interested in and you will more than likely find the answers to your questions quicker and will have more people available to help you if need be. I've gotten some really good feedback from the community regarding this thread and Gobluejd was kind enough to sticky it for me so I will definitely be updating it as I see necessary. Thanks everyone and I hope you enjoy the thread and find it useful.

    I more than likely won't post anything like "I updated the OP". Just know that if you're looking for a ROM/Kernel it will be in my OP. I spend a lot of time keeping this thread up to date, so people can easily grab what they want when they want it.

    I did not develop or assist in the development of any of these ROMs or Kernels. I simply gathered all the information and put it here so it's easy to find. I, nor do any of the developers of these ROMs/Kernels take any responsibility for what you do to your phone. These are released by the developers with no promises or guarantees. By downloading and using any of these you agree that you are assuming all the risks.

    If you like this thread please click the "Thanks" button to show your appreciation

    [ROM] CM7 for Thunderbolt. RC1.7 Updated 8-31 9:33PM EST

    [Rom] Unofficial Cyanogenmod 7 2.3.7 Builds [Updated 10/28/11 11:00 Pm Est]

    [ROM] Unofficial Miui Brought To You By Vicious (Updated 11-8-2011) Fully Working Release!

    [GB][2.11.605.3 ?][Sense3.5]BAMF SoaB v1.0

    [GB][2.11.605.3][Sense3.0]BAMF Forever 1.0.7

    [ROM]BAMF 2.4.1|2.11.605.0| (Side Project)

    [ROM][GB] Touch My BAMF Remix 1.0.4

    [GB][2.11.605.3][Sense 3.0]BAMF Forever Cubed 1.0.7[Updated OP and 2nd Post 10.04.11]

    [R_O_M_I_F_I_E_D] iBolt V0.90

  2. scotty85

    scotty85 Extreme Android User

    rooted stock roms(flash in recovery.does not overwrite radios,recovery,or hboot. these are just like other roms you flash,but are pre-rooted stock firmware):

    [ROM] Official 1.70.605.0 MR2 OTA Deodexed Rooted Busybox Mirrors Added :D - xda-developers

    -GingerBread OTA(2.11.605.5)
    [Rom][Rooted] 2.11.605.5 Full Stock

    RUUs(these will return your radio,recovery,etc. to 100% factory. if rooted via revolutionary,permanent s-off will remain. if rooted "old skool" the 1.04.2000 eng hboot will be overwritten)
    *warning* flashing certain RUUs overtop of the 1.04.2000 eng hboot will cause a security warning.
    if you need to return to stock,ask for help,or go to the http://androidforums.com/thunderbolt-all-things-root/418539-thunderbolt-root-unroot-thread.html for themost current directions.

    PG05IMG files(rename PG05IMG and flash in hboot)
    -shipping firmweare(1.12.605.6)

    -minor update(1.12.605.9)


    [RUU LEAK] Froyo 1.70.605.0 Radio - xda-developers

    -GingerBread OTA(2.11.605.5)

    .exe files(these are firmware run on your pc with phone pluged in. download,open,and follow the onscreen prompts)

    [ROM]RUU_Mecha_S_VERIZON_WWE_1.70.605.0_Radio_0.01.69.0 625r_NV_8K_1.41_9K_1.64 - xda-developers

    -official gingerbread OTA(2.11.605.5) file factory RUU_Mecha_GINGERBREAD_S_VERIZON_WWE_2.11.605.5
    mods and misc
    [WARNING] Do not downgrade to 1.0xxxxx after root

    [PIX] FCC Tear down pictures

    mods and apps

    [HOWTO] Ubuntu on Thunderbolt (Complete Guide) [6/9/11 1:40AM EST]

    [MOD] Make Rosie Launcher auto Rotate/update.zip added

    last and not least:
    collection of shipped roms for thunderbolt(mecha)
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  3. ska.t73

    ska.t73 Android Expert

    I would advise removing the link to the CM7 ROM... It isn't functioning yet and the thread over on XDA is getting heated. No one should be flashing that ROM unless they know what they are doing. It will break your phone.
  4. magisternautaque

    magisternautaque Well-Known Member

    Ya know what would be cool? Some brief descriptions/impressions/reviews of each of these roms and kernels by members in the comments.

    I'm using das bamf 1.3 but I really don't feel qualified to say much about it because i'm such a n00b and this is my first custom rom.

    But I will just say that I'm loving it. It seems quick and stable. I like the 1.2GHz overclock and the fact that the vzw bloatware is gone. Other cool little touches like the circular battery icon with percent remaining, the five-wide app drawer, etc.

    I've been off the charger now for 10 hours with moderate use: couple of calls, sms, words with friends, pandora
  5. rexdog1888

    rexdog1888 Android Enthusiast

    [REF] Thunderbolt Guides | Stickies | Recovery | Roms
    Might be helpful as a reference.
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  6. howarmat

    howarmat Android Expert

  7. ridobe

    ridobe Guest

    That 1.76gh OC kernel by richardtrip kicks butt with the virusROM.
  8. bjanow

    bjanow Android Expert

    This is a great effort by Worm, but to make it a sticky it will need to be updated consistently. If Worm is committed to doing that then he should PM a mod. Understand what gargantuan task that will be once the RIL is figured out and CM7, Miui, and AOSP roms come down the pike, saying nothing about sense roms which already are coming fast and furious. And I see there are kernels in the OP too. Yikes... If you have full time job Worm, you might just have 2.

    However, it would be great if anyone wants to do that.
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  9. WormDoes

    WormDoes Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Like I said in the OP if there is a demand and people feel that this thread would be useful I have no problem maintaining it and updating it at least once daily. I'm always on here anyways so it's not that big of a deal. I think there should be one of these in every "All Things Root" sub section.
  10. Yeah. You should update it everyday... It would help a lot of people out. (including me).. Haha have fun though
  11. WormDoes

    WormDoes Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    I think the NON FUNCTIONAL in the title and the giant warnings when you open the thread is good enough. If someone doesn't understand those warnings and that it's not a working ROM at this point in time then flashing ROMs is the least of their worries.
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  12. adrys new kernel is now 2.0. Didnt update in your post
  13. WormDoes

    WormDoes Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    You do realize that all the ROMs/Kernels in post 1 and 2 are links, right? Just because I haven't changed the title in the 5 hours since 2.0 came out doesn't mean you aren't still linked right to the latest version. Thanks for the useful comment, though.
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  14. Lmfao. I was just telling you.
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  15. gobluejd

    gobluejd GOBLUE!

  16. scotty85

    scotty85 Extreme Android User

    EVERYONE that has read this post should have clicked the "thanks" button for worm on the OP. like bj has mentioned,its a big job to keep it maintained that he is by no means obligated to to do. in the eris forum,users always use the thanks button,and its something i personally would like to see more of here.

    i do realize that we have alot of new users,and new rooters,so i thot i would mention this. its a small effort that goes a long way towards making developers and anyone that helps you and gives good advice a way to feel appreciated for their efforts.

    having said all that,if there were a way i could help you,worm i gladly would. :)

    well,i dont know that it needs updated dailey. well,maybe daily for now since the roms are rollin out fairly quickly.

    IMO we should not try and clutter this thread for "this rom works great" or "how do i flash this?" or even "what kind of rom is that?sense or aosp?" those questions are better answered in the individual thread for each rom.

    the best thing for this thread,is to keep the responses on it to a minimum. the only real reason to reply here is if a new rom or kernal comes out,post a link to it so it can at some point be added to the first 2 posts.

    my 2 cents,for what theyre worth :D
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  17. jreed2560

    jreed2560 Android Expert

    Agreed But I personally love kickin it here and following links to xda. I rarely hang out over there. It's nice to have that here and maybe even include that link in the op. Things usually drop there first, so it would be nice to have someone monitoring it to keep us up to date
  18. rajuabju

    rajuabju Newbie

    Superb sticky. If you can keep it up to date, all the better, very useful thread!!
  19. bjanow

    bjanow Android Expert

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  20. WormDoes

    WormDoes Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Thanks, man. I'm pretty sure it's the same 2.0 kernel listed in his thread he just changed the default governor to on demand because some people were having issues with wireless tether and smartass. Will add it nonetheless
  21. Jerzboi

    Jerzboi Newbie

    While waiting for my Tbolt to arrive (tomorrow:D) I've been doing some reading on rooting...roms..kernels..battery life ...apps ..etc.for the Tbolt. Coming from a OG Droid with UD's 3.1 rom..that is fast...stable,has plenty of options and has given me very good battery life, I'd like to know which of the roms for the Tbolt have you found so far to be 1. Everything works 2.Stable
    3. Good battery life with moderate use 4. Can be used as a daily driver.

    Thanks in advance!
  22. WormDoes

    WormDoes Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    All of the ROMs right now are stable. They're all based on the same framework so they're all the "same" with different tweaks, features and apps added by each of the developers. I'd say go to any of the ROM threads that you're curious about trying and read some of the comments from people who are currently running it. Congrats on getting a Bolt, you're going to love it and good luck finding a ROM that works best for you
  23. Jerzboi

    Jerzboi Newbie

    Ok one more question..never owned a HTC so I'm not really familiar with the Sense UI what are the Pro's and Con's of Sense? From what I'm reading it seems most don't want the Sense UI....but so far I'm leaning towards the "boLTEd" rom ;)
  24. bjanow

    bjanow Android Expert

    Jerzboi, so you're going to root right out of the box? If so, perhaps you might want to just run the stock rom for a day or so to get the feel of sense. Most of us wanting to ditch sense have been with it for a year or so and have gone with different senseless roms. But we lived with it enough to know what it is and made a choice based on that. However, there are also a lot of people that really like sense and will not go with an AOSP (fully senseless) rom at all.

    So give it some time, backup your roms, flash different ones if you wish and then make your own decision. Personally I like the aosp fully senseless CM7, but that's a little ways away for the TB.

    Oh yeah.. have fun. It's a great phone, you'll love it.
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