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The Thunderbolt ROM List (Updated 11/9)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by WormDoes, Apr 2, 2011.

  1. scotty85

    scotty85 Extreme Android User

    i personally dont like downloading directly to my phone,but alot of folks do it this way. i would however,highly reccomend against the use of rom manager. learn to use clockwork recovery,its safer and more reliable.

    after youve flashed a few roms with clockwork and are comfortable,if you really want to use rom manager you can,as youll know how to fix things in recovery if/when rom manager effs it up ;)

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  2. Yeahha

    Yeahha Usually off topic

    Interesting as you just joined on 7/25. And your posts seem to give people bad advice as well
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  3. scotty85

    scotty85 Extreme Android User

    link to your post?

    there is alot of info here,in the stickys and in the forum itself. you may not have gotten a reply if you asked a question thats been answered several times. here we try and help you learn,not just spoon fed you info.
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  4. ahoogst

    ahoogst Well-Known Member

    In my search for radios I've ended up with the MR2+ radios backed up on my computer and I've recorded their MD5 sums. I figured I'd upload them and post the link here in case anyone else needed backups or was just looking for a particular radio. The MR2.75/627 makes me uneasy because of conflicting MD5 sum reports even within the original XDA thread. I've only noted the OP's MD5 but there is another MD5 floating around so be careful.

    Mediafire download link

    Copy/paste of the .txt I've included:
    MR2: 4072B5954BF0032103B62C5AE69CB13E
    MR2.5: 513F5C64323876CF7C479BD21BD1DC3E
    source: [RADIOS]MR2 and MR2.5 radios - xda-developers

    MR2.75-627r: 97c195d733f61c6a699528747aff6892
    source: [RADIO] Official OTA MR2 Radio [7/8/2011] - xda-developers

    MR3-704: 114206a23150a76459ae1663959ef684
    source: theMikMik.com • View topic - [Radio] [Leak] [7-17-11]2.xx.xxx.x Radio New Gingerbread RUU
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  5. Yellow Snowman

    Yellow Snowman Android Enthusiast

    cm7 rc1.6 just released at 1:20am ET on 8/15.

    Thinking about flashing this one.
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  6. Yeahha

    Yeahha Usually off topic

    The conflicting MD5sum could be a result of the name not being the same. You could try renaming the radio PG05IMG.zip and see if that resolves the conflict.
  7. WormDoes

    WormDoes Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    I'm sorry, but what does this have to do with Thunderbolt ROMs which this thread is for? Not trying to be a jerk, I'm just curious why you thought to post this here?
  8. Romikemi

    Romikemi Well-Known Member

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  9. Romikemi

    Romikemi Well-Known Member

    Just grab the third leak and fourth leak radios off the Radios, Recoveries and HBOOT thread maintained by the guys keeping all these root threads up to date. Not much more thinking required. I've been away for six weeks, I come back, spend an hour here and I know what to flash and in what order and I'm done. It's like a fast food drive through window, and nobody has to wear those ugly uniforms.
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  10. McLabia

    McLabia Android Expert

    Hey, if you guys want to post my name next to the Synergy thread as official support, feel free. I'm now the official issues person.
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  11. WA_Bob

    WA_Bob Android Expert

    Now on CM7 RC 1.6.1 and loving it. Can't imagine why I didn't get to it before! :-D
  12. trapperjohn

    trapperjohn Well-Known Member

    I wonder if cm is waiting for the official gingerbread release to take cm out of rc status?
  13. scotty85

    scotty85 Extreme Android User

    no. its got nothing to do with htc and its "offical",loaded with sense OTA. it also doesnt really have anything to do with cyanogenmod.

    since we are still not merged into the cm mainline,we are reliant on slayher,and whomever helps him,for cm7 to become "finished". there are very few issues at this point,id not place too much emphasis on the fact that its still an RC.
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  14. WormDoes

    WormDoes Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    The rc label has nothing to do with an official GB release. It has to do with the RIL not being 100% stable. That's why we don't have nightlies like every other device does.

    Also, I'd like to try and keep the general conversation/questions type posts out of this thread if possible. Thanks
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  15. paigow

    paigow Well-Known Member

    this list of roms is to big, how do you guys decide which to use? im new to all this, just rooted my Thunderbolt today but i do want a better rom, i just dont have a clue which to use, any tips thanks.
  16. McLabia

    McLabia Android Expert

    Honestly? Try em all and let your phone decide. Whatever one runs best for you is the one thats going to be the best for you. Theres also an app that I have yet to try in the market called boot manager, and itll allow you to try out five ROMs at once, and I think its only like three bucks.
  17. SpikedRed

    SpikedRed Newbie

    The advice McLabia dispenses, is truth.

    To help narrow your choices though, it has been my observation (I could be entirely wrong, but I go through a lot of other forums and websites other than this one and try my best to aggregate the knowledge) that the two most popular ROMS are either the das BAMF 3.0 RC 4.9 or the Cyanogen Mod 7 2.3.5

    Respectively, there's a reason why both of them are actually at the top of the list in the ROM list thread.

    Currently, the support for the das BAMF rom has been dwindling, but that's only because of newer and (supposedly better) software that HTC has been putting out, where newer ROMS are being built, in place of das BAMF. This however, does not mean that the ROM is being disregarded entirely. Future work will be done to it, as a matter of fact. As it stands, the ROM is extremely stable.

    The Cyanogen Mod is also very stable too. I cannot attest to the support myself, but do know that the community for making it a great ROM is just as large as the BAMF community.

    Both ROMS run Gingerbread 2.3 and this is the current and pretty much most up to date version you'd need to run just about any application you can find for the phone. Any higher in the OS, and you're going to need a tablet device.

    This is important if you value running applications like Gtalk (with video) or say Skype (with video) as the stock ROMS do not currently allow for this.

    If you're used to operating the phone the way it is, I suggest you go with das BAMF. They use HTC's sense software to make the ROMS and it's the same software you're removing with your current setup.

    Before deleting anything from your phone as you've previously mentioned in the other thread on the General Thunderbolt forum, you should make sure you know what you're removing and why and what implications it could have by doing so.

    The answer to your question about whether or not it will get taken care of if you get a better rom is, yes.

    Most ROMS will not have the "Bloatware". Most bloatware would be considered like things from Verizon Wireless's service like VZW Navigator and those types of applications.
  18. djkeller3

    djkeller3 Android Enthusiast

    Spike, it's not my intent to flame you, but your statement that support for BAMF roms is dwindling is absolutely and completely FALSE. I wish you'd been more informed before dishing this out. Just because the BAMF Team may not be updating these forums, or the forums at XDA does not mean they are MIA.

    Reasons side (that's an entirely *other* subject), Team BAMF left XDA and created their own forum: www.teamBAMF.net. They also are very involved at www.rootzwiki.net.

    You need to know that since BAMF 4.9, they have released numerous ROMs including Uber BAMF, Mini BAMF, and as of a few days ago, BAMF Forever. Adrynalyne has been kicking out new versions of BAMF Forever every day for the past 4 days! So to say that BAMF ROMs are not well supported, or dwindling, is grossly false and completely absurd.

    Also factor in that the developer of the very popular SkyRaider ROM just recently joined the BAMF Team.

    To set the record straight, BAMF ROMs are among the best supported ROMs available anywhere. Everything they put out is the very best and most stable. All 4 developers on the BAMF Team are very responsive and are involved with users daily in the BAMF Forums.

    I'm using BAMF Forever (a Sense 3 ROM), and I can't begin to describe how insanely gorgeous, smooth and very, very fast it is.
  19. McLabia

    McLabia Android Expert

    Calm down on the bias please. Lol. There's a reason I said what i did, especially because I can fully argue the support aspect of things.
  20. WormDoes

    WormDoes Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Guys, lets knock it off. This isn't a "defend your ROM thread." The OP says I'd like to keep the conversation to a minimum. I said that for a reason

    Thank you
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  21. djkeller3

    djkeller3 Android Enthusiast

    Sorry Worm. You're right. I came off the wrong way. Providing information for BAMF support was the only important thing and all else was commentary.

    Spike, I'm sorry for being a grump. Peace. :)
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  22. SpikedRed

    SpikedRed Newbie

    No worries. I didn't think that you were. I should have been more clear in my post, however. If you go to teambamf.net and visit the thread for das BAMF 3.0 RC4.9, you'll see that on thread 2118 one of the moderators, (scassel) states, "Development of this rom has been stopped in favor of the uber rom". Instead of saying support, I should have said development.

    It was meant to say that there aren't any current plans to do anything further with that specific ROM.

    Cheers n' stuff....
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  23. WormDoes

    WormDoes Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Big update to the OP. Added all the BAMF ROMs from rootz, removed more unsupported ROMs and updated all the kernels.
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  24. scotty85

    scotty85 Extreme Android User

    links for rooted recovery flashable stock,and PG05IMG for gingerbread OTA added to 3rd post :)
  25. ggangi

    ggangi Well-Known Member

    ★ ☆ ★| ROM | SynergyROM | NIGHTLYS | 2.3.4 | SENSE 3.0 | ★ ☆ ★ has been taken down for the following. Thats to bad I really like this rom.

    GPL Violation Investigation In Progress
    This thread has been temporarily closed while investigations into its compliance with the GPL is determined in conjunction with the developer.

    We appreciate your patience and understanding.

    [XDA Moderating Team]

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