The Tmobile support doc for the latest OTA update


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You CAN download it manually.

menu/settings/about phone/software update/check now

There should be a pop-up window offering you an update.

Pick which method.

Follow directions.




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I just spoke to T-Mobile. Our son's phone never received the original Gingerbread OTA update and has not received the update that was supposed to end on 1/23. I was told they had again paused the OTA update to deal with issues in the software and had no information on when the roll-out would be resumed.
Because his phone is till on 2.2, he doesn't have the menu option to check for software updates and can't pull the update. So we will just sit tight for a few weeks and see what happens.


My phone got an message to update. However, the download progress shows 0% 0.0MB / 24.22MB. It has been over haft an hour and hasn't changed. The current software version Android 2.3.4/Software version 2.19.531.1. Any idea why?