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The Ultimate Screen Protector/Body Skin Thread

Discussion in 'Android Accessories' started by SoFLO, May 16, 2010.

  1. SoFLO

    SoFLO Guest
    Thread Starter

    During my time on Android Forums I've notice a common recurring question throughout: Which screen protector should I get?

    This is a question many of us have and rightly so. You can't try out screen protectors before you commit to a purchase like how you would try on clothes in a dressing room before leaving the store. Finding the right fit and preference for your phone without any trial is tough.

    To start off in the selection process, you must first ask yourself what is your main need. Do you want the best safety possible for your entire device? Do you just want a front protector? Do you want something that is just as clear as the stock naked screen? These questions will narrow down your choices into categories. These categories are body skins for the ultimate protection and your standard screen protectors. The latter usually comes in two choices, a crystal clear solution and a anti-glare or anti-fingerprint solution.

    To also help you in your decision this thread will be updated with user reviews. This thread is what you guys make it so please take a few minutes and provide your input to help the community. Also if anyone has questions about any product just post in them in here.

    I ask that anyone who has something good or bad to say about their protector/skin PM me with the following format:

    Protection: (specify brand and also if it's clear or anti-glare if it is applicable)
    Cost of protector/skin: (include shipping and any coupon or discount you may have received in final price)
    Picture: (if you have any)
    Rating: (out of five, ex. 3.5/5, 4/5, etc)

    Also PM me about brands I don't have listed and I'll put them up.

    If your review consists of "This screen protector sucks, don't ever buy," I will not post it in this thread. Tell us why you are unsatisfied with your purchase. Same goes for positive reviews--tell us why you're satisfied.

    This thread is a work in progress so if you have suggestions I will gladly listen to them. Thanks.

    Body Skins:

    ZAGG invisibleSHIELD Average AF Score: 4/5
    ZAGG | invisibleSHIELD | iPhone, iPod Cases, Screen Protectors, Covers, Shields, Skins, Invisible Shield
    • Username: syztemlord
    • Protection: Zagg Invisible Shield and Custom Skin
    • Device: Sony X10
    • Cost of protector/skin: $35
    • Picture: http://goo.gl/VWAL
      I'm in the UK and the item was shipped from the US so it took a little while to arrive (just over 2 weeks). I was reluctant to use my phone until I have the cover so it was a little annoying but I expected that. The covers where packed in a basic jiffy envelope but it was enough to protect them during postage.

      I had order the invisible front shield and a custom back skin. The custom skin was printed to a good standard and I was quite happy with it.

      The instruction for installing the covers are good and there is also videos on their website. Installing the back skin was very easy and went without a problem. The front cover also went on pretty well. It does advise to leave the phone for 12 to 24 hours after installing to let micro air bubbles out. I had a few bubbles which went after 24 hours but I have a number of horizontal streaks still on the front cover. It's not a major issue as you can't see them when the phone is in use and only when the screen is off. It has been about 4 days since I put the cover on and the streaks are still there. I will leave it another week to see if they go, if not I might be tempted to re apply the shield.

      The cover also adds extra grip when holding the phone. It's a bit like a rubbery grip feeling. Moving your finger across the screen is probably not as smooth as not using any screen protector but it's not really any bother.

      All in all I've very happy with the covers and it is the best I've used on any phone
    • Rating: 4 (5 if it didn't have the streaks)

    Ghost Armor
    Ghost Armor | cases, screen-protectors, shields, skins, covers, armor

    PhantomSkinz Average AF Score: 4.5/5
    Cell Phone Screen Protectors, Invisible Protection Skins & Screen Covers | PhantomSkinz.com
    • Username: Paimon.Soror
    • Protection: PhantomSkinz Screen Only
    • Device: HTC Incredible
    • Cost of protector/skin: 9.95 w/ free shipping + 'spring25' code = 7.49 (for a package of two)
    • Picture: Will Provide When I Get Home
    • Review: I have had 3 smartphones, two being Blackberries and the Incredible being my first HTC/Android based phone. The first phone I had, I used the ZAGG protective skin. Although a nice product, the cost and the orange peel effect really deterred me from making a second purchase. I eventually had to replace the protective skin with another because of the amount of dust/dirt that was collected on the edges after some use. I then ordered a BSE full body skin. BSE had a wonderful price, fast shipping, and a non-orangepeel type skin, however, like the ZAGG, its thickness really attracted some dirt. When i purchased my Storm 2 I heard a lot of rave about PhantomSkinz so i decided to go with it. I couldn't be happier. Its a nice thin, inexpensive, non-orange peel skin. It isn't a huge finger print magnet (no different than a bare screen), and looks like there is nothing applied to the screen at all. Usually the people that saw my phone would ask why i havn't put a skin on, much to their surprise when i showed them that there was indeed a skin. Because of my experience, I immedately ordered a PS for my incredible. Application was easy as always, and the results are supurb
    • Rating: 5/5
    • Username: mrchambo
    • Protection: PhantomSkinz
      [*]Device: Droid Incredible
      [*]Cost of protector/skin: $7.49 for two w/ Spring 25 discount code
      [*]Review:Largely due to operator error, I would give them a 4/5. They do exhibit a little orange peel effect and after two days, there is still a little haze left from the wet application. PS recommends a drop of baby wash to a cup of tepid water as the application medium.
      [*]Rating: 4/5

    Steinheil Shield
    SGPStore.com | iPhone, iPod Cases, Pouches, Protector Film, Camera, Laptop Skin, Metal Skin

    BodyGuardz - Scratch-Proof Transparent Protective Skins for Mobile Devices | Skins, Covers, Screen Protectors, Cases, Shields

    Standard Screen Protectors

    Clarivue (Ultra-Clear and Anti-Glare)
    Clarivue Screen Protectors - Blackberry, iPhone 3G, HTC Droid Incredible protection

    Steinheil (Crystal Clear and Anti-Fingerprint) Average AF Score: 5/5
    SGPStore.com | iPhone, iPod Cases, Pouches, Protector Film, Camera, Laptop Skin, Metal Skin
    • Username: mrchambo
    • Protection: Steinheil Crystal Clear
    • Device: Droid Incredible
    • Cost of protector/skin: $13 and change
    • Review: Just got the Steinheils for my Incredible today. 2 for $13 and change delivered. Without question, they are the bomb! Worth every penny and more. Absolutely a breeze to install. No wetting, timing nada. Realignment is drastically simple. Removing those pesky dust specks simple.

      Will wait to see how they hold up, but I am sold on these. Nothing I have tried to date even comes close...

      Different feel than all the others too. Not flimsy and soft, but solid and harder feeling. Wow! No wonder they are sold out all the time. I got the clear ones, had heard that the anti-fingerprint ones were, like all others, prone to make the screen a little fuzzier.

      Will be ordering another set of these once the furor dies down.
    • Rating: 5/5

    BoxWave (ClearTouch Crystal and ClearTouch Anti-Glare)
    BoxWave Accessories - iPhone, Blackberry, Treo, HTC Cases, Batteries, Chargers & More

    Verizon Brand Average AF Score: 2.5/5
    Enter your location
    • Username: rwmoon
    • Protection: Verizon branded anti-glare screen protector (I think they are supplied by Amzer)
    • Device: Droid Incredible
    • Cost of protector/skin: 12 bucks after a 20% accessory discount
    • Review: Save your money for something else. The screen protector only covers the screen itself even though on the Incredible the entire face is glass. I have looked at other screen protectors and they seem to cover the entire front of the phone. The clarity is also terrible. While I knew it wouldnt be crystal clear because of the anti-glare I did not expect it to look as distorted and grainy as it does. Will be replacing ASAP.
    • Rating: 2* out of 5
    • Username: UBChain
    • Protection: Clear Screen Protector - Stock sold at VZW Corporate Store
    • Device: HTC Droid Incredible
    • Cost of protector/skin: $12 for package of 3
    • Review: Installation was OK (ANY dust causes a hard to get rid of bubble). Was disappointed that these did NOT cover the entire face of the phone but rather only the viewable screen area. I will not purchase these again for this reason alone. Touch sensitivity does not seem to be impacted at all by the protector. My fat fingers work equally as well on the Swype keyboard with the protector as without a protector. I will purchase the same style again but something which covers the entire phone face.
    • Rating: 3/5 (due to the size of the protectors being less than the full face of the phone)

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  2. miltk

    miltk Well-Known Member

    i am new to smart phones and virtual keyboards. the virtual keyboard is great, but to be accurate i noticed i have to be very light with my taps because pressing down will cause typos.

    Therefore, my question is,,,would a screen protector affect the light tapping, because if it does i think it would be counterproductive.

    i keep my droid in a neoprene case from a useless sony mylo, but if not i simply keep the droid in an empty pocket,,,no metal no paper.
  3. SoFLO

    SoFLO Guest
    Thread Starter

    I will also be new to virtual keyboards on a smartphone. I don't have my EVO yet so the closest experience I can tell you is my iPod Touch which uses a capacitive touchscreen just like the iPhone. I have an anti-glare screen protector on it. I can type very lightly and it will still register on the virtual keyboard with my screen protector in place.

    Hopefully someone can provide you better insight in this thread that actually owns a Droid so you can get a better idea.
  4. HustlinDaily

    HustlinDaily Android Expert

    I ruined my stock (included) screen protector attempting to get it on and am currently naked (well my phone is, every couple of days I clean it with a microfiber cloth). I have heard the stock protector is utter crap and ruins the touch on the phone which is very responsive when naked.

    There are not that many screen protectors available for the Liquid A1. I ordered a DCMUGEN one on eBay but it is shipping from Hong Kong and won't be in for another 1-3 weeks.

    Thanks for those links above, sadly none of them offer it (which is surprising as this phone (Acer Liquid A1) is very popular in Europe/Asia). If you know of any full body armor available for it which is good, let me know.
  5. SoFLO

    SoFLO Guest
    Thread Starter

    @HustlinDaily: I'll let you know if I find anything.

    Alright we got our first few reviews! Keep them coming guys, just PM me! Added pictures to the review format if you guys have any. I'll keep an average AF score next to the brand at the top so you can see the general opinion before reading through the reviews.
  6. SMC333

    SMC333 Newbie

    Anyone know when BB will carry Zagg for EVO?
  7. SoFLO

    SoFLO Guest
    Thread Starter

    Not sure. My best guess would be on or near launch. They're available online now though through the ZAGG website.
  8. paimon.soror

    paimon.soror Android Enthusiast

    Sent my PM :) Hope that helps
  9. mrvirginia

    mrvirginia Android Expert

    no, having a good screen protector shouldn't effect responsiveness of the software keyboard. some do, but most don't.

    i currently have an iPhone 3GS with a static cling screen protector from Apple on it and it doesn't effect the responsiveness of my phone. what phone were you typing on where you had to be very light with your taps in order to be accurate? i type hard/soft, fast/slow on my iPhone and am only inaccurate at times because the keyboard is a little small for my fingers. main reason why i'm going to a bigger screen.
  10. mrvirginia

    mrvirginia Android Expert

    i've searched high and low around the nets for static cling screen protectors and reading reviews. what i've read thus far is that the Steinheil protectors are the best regarding fit and durability, BUT they never stay in stock.

    Clarivue and BoxWave are basically the same, except i've read that Clarivue has better cuts. comparing the Clarivue to Steinheil, though, the Steinheil will be a better fit.

    Seidio protectors are another middle ground to try like Clarivue if Steinheil isn't in stock.

    so in other words, for front screen protectors:
    1. Steinheil
    2. Clarivue
    3. Seidio
    4. BoxWave

    have a different opinion? please share!
  11. mrchambo

    mrchambo Newbie

    First screen protectors were no-names, 3 for 4.98. Okay, but nowhere near the quality of the second ones I bought. I give them a 2.5/5.

    The Phantomskinz were much better and were 2 for $7.46 shipped, using a Spring 25 discount code.

    Largely due to operator error, I would give them a 4/5. They do exhibit a little orange peel effect and after two days, there is still a little haze left from the wet application. PS recommends a drop of baby wash to a cup of tepid water as the application medium.

    I am now waiting for my Steinheil Crystal Clear...will report back after receiving them.

  12. SoFLO

    SoFLO Guest
    Thread Starter

    What phone are you using?
  13. jjswee

    jjswee Newbie

    mrvirginia and mrchambo - I really need to read threads fully before buying stuff. :lol: I just ordered a phantomskinz. Let me know how that steinheil compares. I might buy both (its only another 10 dollars) and compare myself, but I'll wait to see what you say.
  14. mrvirginia

    mrvirginia Android Expert

    i won't be able to give my personal opinion until the Evo comes out. thus far, i've been going off of multiple user reviews, for the ones i mentioned, on other devices.
  15. If anyone is interested in Phantom Skinz, do not get the Matte version, the back cover is ok but the matte screen protector is only good if you intend to see a blurry screen, fortunately they also send you two clear film in the matte package so I ended up using the clear film and can finally see my screen again..
    HustlinDaily likes this.
  16. HustlinDaily

    HustlinDaily Android Expert

    Okay so mine came in today and so far not impressed. Is there a break in period for screen protectors? It is hard to scroll on, hard to swype on (which I am doing right now). It makes some noise when I swype across the screen.
  17. SniperDroid

    SniperDroid Well-Known Member

    Which one/brand did you get?
  18. HustlinDaily

    HustlinDaily Android Expert

    DCMUGEN, got it off eBay for $2 for 2 shipped from Hong Kong.

    It isn't great (fingerprints all over it, at least they are not on the screen) but it gets the job done. Responsiveness is not really affected which is good. If you put it underneath a light, it gives off a purple reflection (wtf?). Surface is not very good to slide fingers across (some areas it makes a squeaking noise when sliding).

    On the plus side, I e-mailed PhantomSkinz and they said they are going to make a skin for the Liquid. Will be buying that as soon as it is made.
  19. SniperDroid

    SniperDroid Well-Known Member

    I posted this in the EVO SP thread, just wanted to share a tip/trick I picked up when installing SP's on my BB.

    Just an FYI, for those of you who have never installed a screen protector before, or those who have never heard of/done/or tried this trick. If you are worried about dust under the SP try this, go into your bath room and turn on your shower to HOT and close the door for a few minutes. You want to get it all steamy in there, this will get any and all dust out of the air. Then you can do your install there without worrying about dust :D
    ninja_reject likes this.
  20. YesorNo

    YesorNo Lurker

  21. SoFLO

    SoFLO Guest
    Thread Starter

    Updated the thread with a new review, keep them coming guys and I'll put them up.
  22. SummerDays

    SummerDays Lurker

  23. S0ccer60d04

    S0ccer60d04 Newbie

    I'm seriously thinking about getting the Droid x and I'm looking on here for different things for it. I was interested in these static clig screen protectors Clarivue and BoxWave.. I went onto YouTube and watched some reviews on them.. no offense but they really aren't that great.

    Right now i have Ghost Armor on my iPhone 4 and it is pretty much like glass(let me know if you wanna see a pic so you can judge with other companies). I've seen Zagg (NOT FOR ME) on a couple phones - they looked like GOLF BALL!! I wanted to know if there was other applications for your screen, but Clarivue and BoxWave not too impressed with what i have seen with them.

    I just checked out Ghost-Armor.com and they have Droid X Kit on sale. I think i might stick with them and the life time warranty unless there are some others that you guys might be able to suggest??
  24. Loremonger

    Loremonger Well-Known Member

    How long did you leave it on before replacing it? I just installed one today. It's been about four hours. I was hoping that over the next few days, it would dry out more and give me a sharper image.
  25. viperkorn

    viperkorn Lurker

    Just ordered my PhantomSkinz screen protector for my EVO 4G. Will let you know how it goes.

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