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the update. does it cause any glitches/crash with certain apps? especially music apps like btunes.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by falkner09, Aug 20, 2012.

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    So, I have a Transform Ultra without cell service (long story) that I now use as basically an iPod touch. I do this because btunes (the only music app I like) is very glitchy on my phone with service. However, on the TU, it runs perfect, apparently due to it being almost entirely stock android, as btunes has trouble on skinned versions (Sense, Touchwiz, and so on.)

    I just got the update notification over wifi. I read about some issues people are having, but nothing about btunes specifically. Has anyone tried it, or at least any other music apps? even another app may have probs that would carry over to btunes, so anything y'all can say is helpful! thanks!

    and since I'm here, I might as well ask if it fixes the screen sensitivity issue like some posts are implying, and if it adds or mods anything from stock android (I strongly prefer stock android, for stability, compatibility, and often aesthetics. so again, any changes you mention here might help me decide.)

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  2. Honestly it really depends on the phone. I too am using the TU on wifi only. No cell service either. Anyways, I used odin to go back to stock everything. did all the updates, and for some reason, it was fast at first and then started slowing down hella even if I deleted apps. Screens would b hard to move, just laggin bad. That was my issue. I used odin on my wifes as well, updates went smooth, then it started sayin can't install apps cuz of low memory. And hers was slow as well. So from my experience, I personally don't think its worth updating. BobZHome's kernel fixes the screen issue. If u want this phone to be really awsome, wait til they get CM7 working for the TU. Or use chevrom(don't know if that's spelled correctly lol) its a good rom too. Everybody workin on the TU has done an excellent job. So hope this hope

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