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The virtues of sarcasm

Discussion in 'T-Mobile' started by Ageless Stranger, Mar 22, 2009.

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    Dec 2, 2008

    Dec 2, 2008
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    I have suffered the low speeds of GPRS (Yes folks, the lowly G icon, not even a scent of Edge) since last year when I got my G1, I put it down to living in a small(ish) town with a small population of T-Mobile data users. I was happy though, I had my G1 and I had wireless at home. I also had blindingly fast 3G at work, which enhanced my user experience so all round I was happier than a chicken in a field of worms.

    That was until one day a T-Mobile salesperson called me, and insisted my life would be infinitely ehanced if I would buy a 3G data card for my laptop, well that was when I unleashed my strange sense of sarcasm in full flow. I hyped him up and agreed that my life would be amazingly superior with their data card, I even praised the low price of the contract. I fed him with a wonderful story of how I could use my laptop in the garden on warm summers days, a glass of beer in my hand and all thanks to the wonderful service T-Mobile offers. Then I hit him with the complete lack of 3G service where I live, how awful it would be to sit in the garden with horribly slow data rates that would make modem speeds look like pacman on speed. I told him if he wanted T-Mobile to profit from this wonderful offer, then more customers need to benefit from 3G. He saw the plight in my situation and apologised for T-Mobile not giving me 3G.

    The next day, the very next day I turned my G1 on, and the 3G icon appeared, I thought it had stuck from my earlier visit to work so I rebooted, the 3G icon remained.

    I have to give praise to T-Mobile, they don't half work fast when faced with a sarcastic customer.


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