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The Waiter: Action Family Game [free]

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by TheWaiterApp, Nov 28, 2012.


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  1. TheWaiterApp

    TheWaiterApp Member
    Thread Starter

    French waiter, Jean Luc has been forced to wait on all the tables by himself due to waiter shortage in the restaurant. The manager has no one else because all his other employees are stuck in traffic. It's up to Jean Luc to get all the orders out on time to keep a happy boss and happy restaurants but it's up to players to score big points and help the French waiter keep his job!

    You must keep your hands steady tilting the your Phone using the accelerometer function. If the food falls off the plate you can touch the actual food to return to its original place. The game focuses on having steady hands like a real waiter, not dropping anything. When you get to the food the customer you have successfully completed the level.
    * Balance the your Phone by using the accelerometer function
    * You can save each food from falling by simply touching it
    * Addicting gameplay
    * Unlock Fun Bonus level to rack up money
    * Challenging and fun levels
    * Reply value
    * Tilting physics like Doodle Jump

    Indie developer Reginald Bernardin has unleashed his first creation in the world of apps. The Waiter 1.0 is innovative and stylistic android game. The game gives players a very unique and realistic task challenging them to use steady hands like a true waiter by using a sensitivity system that makes you balance your plate. The core game relies on balancing a plate of food from one point to another.

    Version 1.3 has modified the accelerometer function for more ease
    fixed orientation
    tweaked gameplay
    Device Requirements:
    * most android devices
    * Requires 2.3.1 or higher
    * Optimized for display on all android devices
    * 11.4MB

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  2. TheWaiterApp

    TheWaiterApp Member
    Thread Starter

    This game is really innovative because of the balance feature, it's like a real waiter. this game could not be made on a home console because of the tilting sensitivity feature and touch screen. (unless it get ported to the Wii U of course...lol).

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