Help the web browser won't load any pages, it just stays blank?

Hey, I'm hoping someone here can help. My mom has a Samsung Captive and the browser's been working fine until earlier tonight when it just stopped loading things. She can open the browser and type in an address and hit go, but the address bar goes blank and no page loads. The only way she can access a web page is to use the speaker function to do a google search, but none of the links on that google search page will load when she tries to click into them. She's tried clearing all of the history and the cookies and things, but that didn't work.

Does anyone know what could help or have any tips of what to do?



I'll bet you are having a WiFi issue. Your WiFi looks like it is connected to your router, but for some reason (bad subnet, maybe) it cant send or receive data. Just for fun, when that happens again, power down the phone and then re start it after a minute or so. It works for me. You can also play with other apps that use the internet when your browser appears not to load to see if you are indeed getting a good connection through the WiFi.

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I'm having the same problem (Android 2.3, HTC Incredible S).

Yes, I'm connected to the net. I can see the pages loading, via the green bar effect over the URL thing. However once fully loaded... nothing.

Stays white and blank.

Using Opera it loads pages OK, though I don't like Opera and prefer the stock Android browser.

Email, other browsers, maps, everything is working and connected - it's the browser that doesn't work.