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The X10 is the worst phone ever made.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by thex10isshit, Aug 18, 2010.

  1. thex10isshit

    thex10isshit Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Sorry forum readers, but I really just had to get this off my chest. What an undeniable piece of sh!t the X10 is. Very flash...just completely useless for anything. Battery life 6 hours. With about 30 mins actual use. A contacts screen that refuses to show any contact other than me!! Now out of 300 contacts who is the person I am least likely to want to call? me!...

    I have had dozens of mobiles over the years, and I thought I had really found rock bottom with an old blackberry....Oh how I was mistaken. This thing really takes the biscuit. Android marketplace...so many possibilities...but not if you have an X10 which refuses to download anything after the first 2 apps. Loads of forums know about this...known issue...Sony Erricssssson should have the arse ripped out of them for putting something to market that is clearly NOT ready. I have worked in corporate IT for 15 years. I understand computers, and Sony Ericcccson released a phone with software that is not finished. In most companies, it would not have got out the door, however, SE seem to think that their customers would prefer rushed out untested rubbish. Yeah right, I am doing my utmost to ensure that everybody knows what a bunch of shisters SE are.

    If you are a potential purchaser then let me spare you the trouble.

    Fortunately I have a 7 day refund on my purchase. Guess what is happening tomorrow?

    Anybody got any decent alternatives? Saw a review of an Acer phone on the register yesterday, that seems ok ...

  2. Vihzel

    Vihzel Destroying Balls Everyday

    Thanks for the warning... but I think you will be required to change account names. Using profanity in an screen name?

    Depending on what network you're on... there are good Android phones. Verizon has Incredible, Droid 2, and Droid X. Sprint has EVO, Samsung Epic 4G, and their version of Galaxy S. T-mobile has their version of Galaxy S.
  3. Frisco

    Frisco =Luceat Lux Vestra=

    Oh, his is mild; have you seen this one?
  4. thex10isshit

    thex10isshit Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Sorry about the username, it just about sums up my frustration. And is, to be fair, accurate. I'll keep it as long as I can as I am about to embark on developing software for Android, hence the phone, and will be needing all sorts or help...

    Question though, is flakey, untested software a common theme with andriod phones? They seem to offer everything in terms of functionality, but deliver unreliable rubbish. The ONLY cool function of the X10 seems to be the timesplice, which is a great idea..shame it slows the phone to a crawl. A theme that seems to be replicated throughout the phone...great ideas, poorly implemented and poorly tested. I wonder who is doing the software for SE? They should be ashamed.
  5. Frisco

    Frisco =Luceat Lux Vestra=

    If there's one thing I've learned here, in my old age, it is tolerance for words and usernames as I look around the forums. There is a line that can't be crossed, but it's a bit further down the road than I'm used to.. no biggie. ;)

    I am in complete agreement with you about the way software makes its way into the hands of users; it is almost as if we're one big beta testing population, sometimes. Quality control at the factory and assembly plants aside, bad enough, I think they like to just get stuff out there fast, at the expense, with some companies, of excellence.
  6. thex10isshit

    thex10isshit Lurker
    Thread Starter


    I worked in in IT for a bank. The QA that software went though before being released to users was very rigorus, but not even close to 100% effective. For the test teams, it was more important to deliver checked boxes than working systems. I can only imagine that the same is going on here.

    What really amazes me is that I have only spent 48 miserable hours with the X10. I have found more bugs in that time than I care to mention.

    SE must have known of the bugs (rendering their phone as good as useless), but thought at the Go-NoGo meeting that their customers wouldn't notice? Really? Or was some exec in IT's ego not willing to take the bruising that it would have got if there was a delay...It was his decision to outsource the software development and hell would freeze over before he took the rap for it.

  7. Frisco

    Frisco =Luceat Lux Vestra=

    What I'm wondering is if the device you're experiencing the problems with is typical of the model.

    In the Eris forums, for example, we see posts just like yours, along with tales of exchanges for a replacement Eris that, in many cases, exhibits the same or worse issues as the original one, and in some cases is fine.

    My Eris has been flawless right from the beginning, on the old 1.5 OS, through the 2.1 OTA and into rooting (both 2.1 and 2.2 ROMs); and I'm not the only one with a good Eris.

    So, are we talking about a poor design, software and/or hardware, wrt to your X-10, or are we talking about a lemon, in your case?
  8. thex10isshit

    thex10isshit Lurker
    Thread Starter

    It's a lemon. Clearly. But I'm not going to risk another SE phone. I have always thought Sony were great at hardware and sh!t at software... this experience just re-enforces that.

    HTC desire? Maybe?

    This is really depressing. As a side note, a HP G62 laptop that I just bought my mum has failed after a week. Brilliant. My car is probably going to break down tomorrow...
  9. OrderFromChaos

    OrderFromChaos Well-Known Member

    Without even knowing it, you stated the reason why the software is what it is. :) The software on the phone is not mission critical and cannot affect people's finances in the same manner as software for a bank can. As you are aware, if it's not critical than some faults are tolerable and to what degree is debatable. One last item, unfortunately people in the suits tend to make the decisions, or at least override the engineer's opinions on these matters (especially when it deals with launch deadlines) and they tend to not have almost any inkling of the technical issues involved.

    BTW, this is no defense of SE. I don't own any product made by them and do not wish to. IMO, if I want to waste my money I'll give it to my girlfriend.:D
  10. thex10isshit

    thex10isshit Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Yeah, brilliant. So the men in suits make a decision (we can't miss that deadline! - think of my BONUS) to release untested rubbish on the unsuspecting public. Though I dare to say it, I am technically competent and was coding 6502 assembler aged 10.

    It could be that I am more susceptible to sh!t software than the general public, but companies releasing rubbish like this in no way makes people (like my mum) go "this tech is brilliant - its so easy to use", it scares them because it is not predictable. I have spent 44 of the last 48 hours being able to see all my contacts..now I can only access my own record. For me,I'll just take the X10 back, and go on forums like this, bitching about greedy companies not testing their software properly because the have to meet that DEADLINE -- and deserve to go to the wall.

    Fortunately my mum got herself an iphone (only version 3, she didn't want to spend the extra on the 4), and all is SWEET. If the likes of SE want to compete with Apple in the mass market then they MUST test their software...and refrain from releasing it until it works.
  11. OrderFromChaos

    OrderFromChaos Well-Known Member

    I'm done with this topic, but have fun with it.

    IMO, the companies are not necessarily greedy (sure some are) but more likely do not have the right people overseeing the projects.

    Maybe I'm just cynical, but I expect almost every application that I use to crash on me. I've just excepted it as the nature of the beast.
  12. Crude

    Crude Android Expert

    It's sony. I don't own anything from them anymore....one of only 2 electronic companies to ever get a boycott from me. The other being GE

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