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The Xoom experience

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by G~JOOSE, Apr 8, 2011.

  1. G~JOOSE

    G~JOOSE Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I love my xoom but was thinking to myself that maybe the release is a bit premature. The honeycomb system is a bit buggy and it shows much with some widgets. And these the widgets what suppose to be optimize for the tablet. Most weather widgets does not load when I restart my xoom. I have notice as well that the start up of my system takes a bit longer. I can only believe that most of these bugs would be address with the future update enabling the expansion of a micro sd. Never the less, i still enjoy my xoom over all. It is very, very fast and generally use it to access the internet quickly. It is also adequate with heavy projects but i mostly use it for research and light work. I am anticipating the tablet optimize apps in the future, expecting to use my tablet for even more purposes.

    So how is the xoom experience for you? Is there any apps that you would like to see on the honeycomb, bugs that bugs you, or anticipating more updates for the system?

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  2. DanDroid

    DanDroid Well-Known Member

    Day 3 of my Verizon Xoom So far so good. Having some issues with the Youtube widget, it disappears, and is replaced by a circling cursor. I installed Accuweather widget, that has issues as well. So far the best weather widget that works is Weatherbug.

    I've loaded up the apps I feel that are the most useful for me, and that list will only continue to grow. To me, not having a full blown market is no big deal. Sure the iPad has a huge list of apps, but I prefer quality vs. quantity. How many different free fart soundboards do I need anyway? LOL

    I really like the build quality, feels good in my hands. Back in December of 2010 I bought the Archos 101 which after about a week I sent back. Very buggy, and constant reboots, poor build quality. I'd have to say that these manufacturers really need to get a grip on using Android 2.2 on a tablet; it's just not made for it, and throwing their crappy UI on top of it isn't going to make it any better.

    I'm primarily using my Xoom as a go between from laptop to desktop to Xoom. Tired of lugging around my laptop from room to room when I just want to hop on some forums, check email, online banking, shopping, Facebook, Twitter, etc. etc. With the Xoom, I can do all that, plus now I can print, and control any PC from within my house via Remote RDP. If I need to do some video editing, or some other graphic intensive process, I have a desktop to utilize. :D
  3. etacarinae

    etacarinae Newbie

    like my xoom too .Had for about a week soon found out some sites reconized browser as being mobile have to use the dolfin browser to gain full excess . I got the Verizon holder pad so wouldn't have to continue to hold tablet all the time when using works great.
  4. G~JOOSE

    G~JOOSE Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Ok sound cool. I use opera for an alternative because google don't give Bahamas full access to the android market so I cant download the full version of dolphin brower. Come on google
  5. supremeduluxe

    supremeduluxe Lurker

  6. reiththestud

    reiththestud Android Enthusiast

    Even after switching browser mode to "Desktop", the majority of websites still come up as mobile. Gizmodo.com is the worse culprit. Digg.com sometimes works, but clicking on "Next" for the next page of news fails most of the time. Considering tablets are mostly used for web browsing, I've been really disappointed with its buginess.

    As for the rest of the experience, more and more apps are being released which is nice. The bezel is a little thin which causes me to accidentally hit things at times. This also makes it a little awkward to hold. I already know I'll be returning it for a Galaxy Tab 8.9 when they're released, but if Costco gets the Acer Iconia A500 in the interim, I might return the Xoom early to give the Iconia a try.
  7. G~JOOSE

    G~JOOSE Newbie
    Thread Starter

    The Xoom does has its flaws, but it is the first android device running a tablet specific operating system. The xoom still consist of great hardware and in my opinion will remain capable even after a slew of newer devices come around. I just wish it had a card reader or a usb port. But Im looking forward to how software developers utilize the capabilities of this amazing device.

    As for the mobile sites you talk about reiththestud, it is a fault by google. I expect this as long with other issues to be address with the coming update which enables micro sd support... hopefully.
  8. reiththestud

    reiththestud Android Enthusiast

    Yeah, I know it's google's fault. I'm balancing between the hardware problems I have with it and the software issues I have. Like how the aquarium live wallpaper lags the whole system just like it does on my EVO. Really?!? We can't get this running smooth yet? I think if you look at the time gap between the Xoom's release (in February) and all subsequent Honeycomb tablets like the Acer Iconia (mid April), it really seems like it was rushed out the door to hit the market before the iPad 2 announcement. Hopefully Motorola is consistent with updates and keeps improving it because it is solid hardware. In the meantime, I'm going to take advantage of Costco's generous return policy and try some different tablets out between now and the Galaxy Tab 8.9 launch.
  9. edward90

    edward90 Well-Known Member

    What's the latest on the lte upgrade?
  10. drfaizan

    drfaizan Lurker

    My brother has got xoom and I have purchased iPad 2 and after comparing the 2 I felt the experience of xoom is much better than iPad 2 I wish I would have also buy xoom
  11. drfaizan

    drfaizan Lurker

    If a new version of xoom gets released then I will definitely buy a xoom.
  12. Bnice

    Bnice Guest

    So how is the xoom better from the ipad2? Can you give some examples?
  13. drbille

    drbille Newbie

    Day three with my new Xoom. Just have to say that I love it. My only annoyances are with apps, as many have said, but I am confident they will get there, just like the early days of android smartphones. Facebook should have anticipated this tho, and made an app that actually works. Oh, well.
  14. icerado

    icerado Member

    To those who are having problems with the browser. This is a similar problem on other phones, including my dx. It was remedied by typing "about:blank"...I believe and it would open up a bunch of hitting settings for the stock browser.

    Its only a matter of time before this device gets better. Any android device with an unlocked bootloader and good hardware is only going to get better as you own it. Dual core alone is going to allow for a huge leap in UI.
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  15. edward90

    edward90 Well-Known Member

    OK so according to rumor, LTE and targa dual core aren't getting along..what does that mean for my motorola xoom LTE upgrade next month? Is that scraped too?
  16. mollyshark

    mollyshark Lurker

    Trying to do something complex on my xoom and maybe someone has an idea. I went xoom vs ipad for the flash. In Acrobat Pro on PC you can embed a musical snippet in a page and it converts it to Flash. I can see the page on my Xoom but when I hit the button for the music, it crashes. This is obviously an inability on the part of the PDF readers since I can see the PDF and if I go to music, play the music, but not embedded. Anyone have an idea on a different way to embed music on a page of any sort? It's for a choir app. Thanks.
  17. ronin67

    ronin67 Newbie

    Well, guys I will throw in my 2 cents on how it works once I get my Motorola Xoom (wi-fi version) in the mail. I sold my original iPad to get same. They final released them here in Japan through the cell phone provider "AU". The one I messed with at the shop worked well. The only thing I don't care for is the slight delay transitioning from horizontal to vertical. However, I can see where this may be a plus (pushing the limit on a vertical to horizontal break with the iPad got it transition when I didn't want it). I do love the multitasking display on the screen (shifting thru several youtube videos in the lower right corner). I will be getting a iPad 2 when they finally get same on base here in Japan. I will post again later. Take care everyone and may God Bless!

  18. MutantCheese

    MutantCheese Android Expert

    Picked up a new Xoom wifi only last night. Love it so far. I hadn't played with 3.0 much because 3.1 was waiting for me when I activated my xoom.
  19. gamul1

    gamul1 Android Enthusiast

    If the Xoom is premature then the iPad should have been aborted. My wife recently got an iPad from her work and not only is it my opinion that the Xoom is far better than the iPad, but a day does not go by that she gets pissed at her iPad because she cant do what I do on the Xoom with ease. She feels cheated.

    What the iPad does - it does VERY well. Its all the things you can do on the Xoom, or do easier that frustrate her, and make me thankful for Android.

    I agree there are bugs. But the iPad is also buggy. Apps crash all the time. They don't load well. They hang.

    As for widgets on the Xoom - The widgets I am using are fine. They always load and work. I use a handful of them including a couple weather ones. To ve fair I think I tried a couple of stock ones when I first got the Xoom and they did not work, but I don't remember which they were now.

    I think the iPad start time is only a few seconds less, but I have not formally timed it. But whatever - I agree the Xoom start up is dreadfully slow. It used to be 26 seconds but then increased to 32 seconds with the 3.1 update. I have accepted it now in terms of it bothers me less, but this start up time is not going in the right direction.

    I hope so too. For the most part, I believe in the Android system and that Google will do the right thing. No idea why I believe that but I do. Maybe its because Google feels like the rebel friend we grew up with who broke all the rules and did not seem to get into trouble.

    I love it. I do use it at work to take notes and track tasks. But for the most part this is a pure portable entertainment device. Web browsing, email, etc. Fun fun fun.

    Just love it. They key thing I wish Google would do is add a category in the Market where all apps that are specifically optimized for the Tablets could be listed and then be able to sub categorize under that (news, sports, weather, etc). The featured apps are nice but its only a smattering of what is really there.

    Having said that - I have pretty much what I need/want. I do wish some of my current apps were optimized for the Xoom, like Field & Stream app. A great app on a phone and I can only imagine how awesome it would be on the tablet if it only loaded.
  20. gamul1

    gamul1 Android Enthusiast

    I agree 1000%. I have seen a few people who claim to have had both devices disagree with you and I and I can not for the life of me understand why.

    Playing with both of them is like playing with a Porsche (Xoom) and a VW (iPad). One flys and is an incredible ride. The other gets you where you need to go but you're no more excited than if you walked.
  21. gamul1

    gamul1 Android Enthusiast

    In no particular order or importance:

    • Much easier to switch between apps. The whole experience of the iPad is of the sense of closing one to get to the next. Why do I have ot hit a hard button on the device to get out of an app?
    • Live Wallpaper. Silly I know but I am easily entertained and I love to have live wallpaper. My wife does too and she constantly wishes she could have one.
    • I have put my app icons exactly where I want them. If I want to make a large square with a big hole in the middle - have fun. The iPad forces a regimented top/bottom, left/right approach.
    • So much easier to synch my music and files on the Xoom. Plug it in and drag/drop my files. You can't really do that on the iPad. Its a huge long painful process. And quite frankly - my wife is frightened to create any notes on the iPad because she does not trust how to backup and get her notes off. Plus, synching her iPad has cause apps and her files to completely disappear multiple times. Never a problem for me.
    • Some day soon I will have a micro sd card (I better...). Try that with the iPad.
    • Flash
    • Does the iPad even have widgets?
    Those are just my quick thoughts. But I have to say - using the two devices just gives a different feel. The iPad feels like a box. The whole experience feels constrained and forced. The Xoom feels more fluid and user friendly.

    Before I bought my Xoom I thought there might be a small chance I could settle for an iPad. I am so glad I did not imprison myself that way.
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  22. MutantCheese

    MutantCheese Android Expert

    in regards to start up times for the xoom, I never actually turn mine off. I just put it in airplane mode when it will be unused for extended periods and turn off the screen. I do stick it on the charger every night, just like my DX. I guess it's such a habit that I don't even think twice about doing it. I only restart when something goes wonky.
  23. MutantCheese

    MutantCheese Android Expert

    I bought my 10 year old daughter an iPad last year. She is quite entertained by it. When she needs me to download or fix something, I'm constantly cussing it wondering how in the heck do you do anything on it with one friggin button. The iPad is SIMPLICITY, plain and simple. It isn't for technically minded people, which is why I Xoom.
  24. gamul1

    gamul1 Android Enthusiast

    Its "about:debug"

    I did it so often I finally created a bookmark for it. Some web sites recognize the Desktop setting while ignoring the iPad setting. Others do the opposite.

    Once you type this and hit go - go to the settings options and under there you will have a new debug options. I forget off the top of my head the name of the setting though.
  25. opplife

    opplife Member

    I bought this because i loved it in the store

    But i notice even with the flash 10.3 from the marketplace

    A number of streaming flash sites for movies/tv shows mess up

    They either stutter and if they do play they stop playing after about 5 mins

    I'm very disappointed as this was 90% my reason for getting this and well my laptop doesnt have an issue at all so I know its the xoom

    If I cant find a fix today for this.. its going back to the store and I will buy a regular windows laptop

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