Root [theme] gemini 1.0

Thanks to Shabbypenguin, Interdpth, Fightspit, hroark13, Bloodawn, blue2107, and the makers of UOT kitchen for all their hardwork, effort, dedication, and inspiration. This wouldn't be possible with any of you.

so I was using blue2107 and Bloodawn's themes, and I really enjoyed them. But although i liked both of their themes, there were some components that I liked better in blue's theme than bloods, and same thing with blood's vica versa. So I decided to make my own theme, and have it the way i want it to be lol. i studied blood's and blue's apk files and framework for almost 2 weeks and messed around with it a little and this is what i came with. I thought I'd share this with the rest of prevail community since I gladly took the advantage of everyone's share here. I only took everything so it's only fair that I give back right?

now some parts you might find very familiar. that's because it is! lol. i really liked blue's usb logo and the call logo so i used it with mine, and it's not shown in the picture, but i used his settings.apk because i really liked what he did to it. also the phone apk and keyboard was made using blood's as prototypes. thank you blue2107, and Bloodawn!!

so here it is. my very first theme. kinda hard to call it mine all the way but yeah. enjoy!

**PLEASE DO MAKE A BACK UP. I tested it about 40 times.. it should be fine. BUT ALWAYS MAKE A BACKUP.


Download link: - - online file sharing and storage - download

it will be a zip file. save it to your sdcard then just enter ClockWorkMod Recovery, and goto install zip form sdcard.
*it will take awhile for the phone to load please be patient

***the dockbar, dockbar icons, and the clock widget is not a part of this theme. if you use any custom launchers like launcher pro, go launcher, you should have an option to customize that. and the clock widget is the sense clock widget from the market. i just editted the color for hour and minutes to match my theme


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