Root [Theme][R910] (Blutiful): A theme update for Basix


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OK, folks!
Seems like k0nane's got something epic coming up, or should I be saying sheepishly electrifying ;)
Therefore, I figure it might be great to stoke the fire under his feet so we can get it asap, LOL!

So, what better way to do this than to mess with Basix a little bit, right?
Therefore, I am providing here a small theme update for basix to fix primarily the Blue on blue Touchwiz shortcut icons, and give everything a more blue attitude.... I've grown blue from waiting k0! :D

It's just a theme, folks, so don't expect much.
And i've kept it as light as possible: it won't even change your background!

What it will change will be:
The popup and scroll list colors to blue (as mentioned above)
The Touchwiz quick toggle bar (as mentioned above)
The status bar icons (from Exodus - animated icons)
The download bar to blue (for a more elegant feel)
The seek bars (such as volume) to blue (to make everything fit together)
The Boot Up animation (Think outside the box!)
The default font to Ubuntu (for your eyes' pleasure ;))
and finally, the battery icon (a nice incremental 3d circle)

That should be all folks!

Please do let me know what you think about it, and hopefully that gives k0nane a little boost to get done with his work!

To apply:
Make sure you have CWM and Basix already on your phone.
Download to your SDcard
reboot into recovery, and install the theme like you would a ROM.
(select zip from sdcard, and browse to

Download file from here:

Oh, and before someone does something crazy:
DO NOT wipe dalvik-cache or data. Leave them alone.
This is NOT a ROM update. Just a theme. don't delete anything.


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If you're hesitating to take the plunge, here's a look see.
Of course, if you're just curious, you can take a look too ;)

DISCLAIMER: Please not the screenshot uses older 4g icons which have long since been updated, along with the signal bars (see first post).


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a minor update has been made.
It fixes boot anim, and changes the hue to a more blueish color.


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I'll check into it. Seeing as it's a system app, it looks promising. Don't expect this to be in Blutiful, however, since Blutiful is meant to remain light. But hey, maybe I'll make a more intrusive them and include this.


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Alright. Boot animation is fixed.

Sorry, k0nane. It appears I can't get it to work by placing it in /system/media. However, as soon as I place it in /data/local, it's all smooth sailing... :/

For everyone else, expect the next update to possibly include animated 4g icons that fit the 1x and 3G ones for consistency.
As always, feedback is appreciated, and so is clicking the "Thanks" button :D


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I'll make a special Basix original theme package for you in the morning, or later today. Right now I'm a little sleepy, and I don't want to make stupid mistakes ;)
Check back later for the theme, ok?

What did/didn't you like about Blutiful, by the way?


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I appreciate your effort, what happens is not in full screen, always appears the bar above the clock,
and already installed but does not look like the pictures you put

for example when I go to options, not in full screen