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[Theme] Star Wars for Liberty

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Steven58, Feb 2, 2011.

  1. Steven58

    Moderator Thread Starter

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  2. dhoffman1421

    dhoffman1421 Android Enthusiast

    Ha, I just put Tron on. I may try this later, thanks for pointing it out.
  3. Pointguard1122

    Pointguard1122 Well-Known Member

    Nice, downloading now. Thanks for the head's up.
  4. ECFfighter7232

    ECFfighter7232 Android Expert

    hahaha steven ditches yoda as his avatar, and now has it as his 3g icon! lol
  5. darkcyber

    darkcyber Android Expert

    WOW! Thanks! You will not find a bigger Star Wars nut than me, been waiting on a good Star Wars Theme, but can we have some pics? Can't access the .jpg links on the XDA page. Maybe got to have an account :)

    It's going to take a lot for me to move from my current Dark Android theme. Got that thing set up just right, but a good Star Wars Theme will make me make the move.
  6. Steven58

    Moderator Thread Starter

    Follow the link to the XDA thread, where you'll find the screenshots. I was too lazy to paste them here. :p
    darkcyber likes this.
  7. escalade6103

    escalade6103 Android Enthusiast

    if your using the star wars theme you should lost some screen pics so we can see them.
  8. Steven58

    Moderator Thread Starter

    me? no I'm on somphin else.
  9. escalade6103

    escalade6103 Android Enthusiast

    I was using "you" as a general term. Guess i should've said "if anyone is using the star wars theme then they should post pics for the rest of us to see "
  10. darkcyber

    darkcyber Android Expert

    Ha! Ha! And I thought it was just me being to lazy to sign up for an account on XDA :D

    And yes escalade6103, that would be sweet if someone did post some of their screen shots.
  11. imronburgundy

    imronburgundy Android Enthusiast

    What's that power control widget in the drop down notification bar?
  12. willjohnson

    willjohnson Lurker

    Sorry guys didn't see this over here, been busy this week. I will be working on the 1.5 version of the theme this weekend. When i get done i will post it here also with some screenies.

    Oh, and the widget is Widgetsoid, free from the market. Has an option to put it in notifications instead of on screen.
    Steven58 likes this.
  13. colchiro

    colchiro Extreme Android User

    When you've got a bottle of Fat Bastard cracked open, who need Star Wars.... :D
  14. Steven58

    Moderator Thread Starter

    Thank you, willjohson! I noticed you're new here. (One post). I want to welcome you to our community. Please feel free to let us know your mods here, as well, and to put up a donation link, if that's what you do.

  15. willjohnson

    willjohnson Lurker

    Thanks. I may be posting the theme tonight. Depends on how much my nephew wants to play lol. I don't have donations cause i am too new at this. The 1.0 version of the Star Wars Theme was my first ever. So please remember i am a noob themer. I will always try to help with any problems from my theme but i am no master yet. The new version will be pretty much the same, i made it so late it was only out for about 3 days before LIberty 1.5 came out. There will be a few UI tweeks tho. Also trying to think of some new theme ideas. Gonna stick with SciFi movies for now, can't help it, I am a nerd lol. Thinking about Terminator theme next, if anyone has any suggestions or request please don't hesitate.
  16. Steven58

    Moderator Thread Starter

    AAAACtually, I'm a sci-fi junkie too. Star Trek (all movies, all series and some books), Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, Caprica and Fringe. (Don't tell anyone, they think I'm weird enough.)

    Again, Welcome!

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