Themes and Icons


A lot of people post their homescreens and what themes and icon pks they are using, but everytime I download an icon pack I get "this icon set isn't optimized for your system software, so some icons may not look right". I go ahead and download and nothing changes. I am using Nova launcher. What is my problem?


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Yep. Listen to Hadron. Just because you downloaded it and installed it doesn't mean they'll automatically change. You'll need to make it so


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Thank you. I was using the icon packs in the system settings and not Nova. When I go to Nova the ones I downloaded in settings don't show up. So I downloaded an icon pack in Nova and it worked. But why do the icons in settings not show up in Nova?


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Not all icon packs are designed to be used in all launchers. You should be able to tell if one will work with your launcher from the description given in the play store.