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Root Themes..How to Know What Image is for What!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by aholeinthewor1d, Oct 24, 2010.

  1. aholeinthewor1d

    Thread Starter

    Aug 12, 2010
    Ok so i have learned an awful lot since i got my DX a couple months ago..i am also very good with photoshop and every theme i see isnt exactly what i want...i have soooo many ideas in my head for some really nice themes that are pretty different from a lot of the ones out there for the X....i have the ultimate android theme guide or whatever its called but it still left some info out...if i wanted to start with some basic stuff..i know that a lot of images are in the drawable.hdpi which is insides the framework-res.apk/res....my questions are....is there any guides anywhere explaining the framework-res.apk and that give a basic idea of which folders are for what and so forth...and even if i wanted to start with the drawable.hdpi there has to be somewhere that helps with what images are for what...there is soooo many pictures in there and some of them u can figure it out cause of the file name but for the most part its almost like trial and error...how do people who make themes make such big themes that tie in so many aspects of the OS and apps..how do you know what images are what...any replys or links would be great..i really wanna start with making some themes


  2. tom108

    tom108 Android Expert

    the easiest way i have found is to start editing a theme you are familiar with. this way you will recognize most of the files. but it still takes some trial and error to get it the way you want it.

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