Help Themes not working properly

Hi guys, first android phone, first post, first problem:

I just bought a samsung galaxy Y to try out android (I'm pretty happy with my iphone but my friend insisted I try android) and I have been trying to install themes using go launcher, ADW, launcher Pro and in every case a lot of icons don't update to their new images, I've tried rebooting after installing the theme, rebooting, resetting to factory setting and then reinstalling, nothing will do.

BTW the icons that don't get updated differ from theme to theme and before anyone tells me that not all icons will update due to the huge number of app out there (and thus custom icon not necessarly supported by the themes) let me just say that even basics icon like messages or facebook/skype stay the same.

Anyone has any idea what's going on?


You gotta install the launchers first! If you wanna use Go Launcher themes, you gotta install Go Launcher first. The theme goes with the launcher.


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Maybe I should have said so before but I installed the GO launcher EX (that's actually the first thing I did) and when I first encountered this problem I tried ADW and Launcher pro WITH themes made for those launchers and the problem is the same, some icons just won't update.