There's one with my name on it


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I think Costco is a long shot for me so I called Verizon and made an appt. They said they couldn't hold one though.
Later they called back and I asked about it again and she said "I'll take care of you."

(*cue angels singing*)


YES! I am hoping my husband is able to get is arss in to the Verizon store tomorrow AM ASAP!! (fingers crossed) We live in a relatively small area so it shouldn't be THAT bad! Only time will tell! GOOD LUCK!


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I did the same thing. I'm still showing up right when they open though. I'm even borrowing a friends car so I don't have to walk 3 miles to the nearest store.


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My rep is holding one for me as well as I can't get there until around 6:30 - 7:00 PM (depending on traffic). He's awesome and always takes care of me.


I have called him a few am I annoying! LOL He said he was still switching stuff over...but was talking to me on his new phone! LOVE IT! Can't wait for him to get HOME!!

Good luck, Tishy! I'd be calling him every 15 min, just to sweetly remind him!! :rolleyes:


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I have a car! I'm just a freshman in college and did not bring my car with me.

O. I see. Im a sophmore in college. Glad to see students keeping up with Technology :)
I was the only student at the VZW store this morning....

One guy has had a iphone, charge, LG revolution and he was returning the revolution today for the Bionic. He new all the peeps in the store so I guess he is there a lot. haha. Seemed cool. He said he hated the iphone cause he would always loose signal. IDK. lol