Nov 11, 2009
I"m thinking about doing 1 of 3 two things. but it will be based on the answer to these questions.

Option 1 - Root the phone if that will fix these issues.
Option 2 - return for 2nd replacement and hope these issues go away
option 3. return for 2nd replacement and if i get the same issue then root.

1. is it normal for the browser to simply stop working. won't load web pages even after i close all windows and re-open them. (reboot fixes it)
2. bookmarks in the web browser take 3-5 seconds to bring up the bookmark selection page(have about 9 bookmarks)
3. GPS for google maps/navigation won't lock location while outside in the open sky (reboot fixes it)
4. going form 3g full bars to 1x inside my building at work.
5. (weird one) when doing a search and I type a persons name, i click to send them a text message. the screen does not do anything, and then i find out the text page is already open, so i hit the return button and there it is in the backround. it's very annoying. only happens sometimes.
6. getting for close/wait messages occasionally on the phone app and messaging app
7 exchange stops syncing periodically with work email. during certain times it will only show 2-3 hour old emails after manual sync.
8 voice search won't come up sometimes. long press on the search key just stays there after i feel the vibration.
9. sometimes holding the camera button for 2-3 second after feel the vibration and it takes 5-10 seconds to launch or i get a force quit message.

things i've tried-

-factory reset
-uninstalling all apps/wigets
I have encountered many of those problems, most often the 3g to 1x issue. These started for me with the update to 2.1 and I think that's where the problem is. I also would like to know if root and loading a custom ROM would alleviate some if not all of the issues, at least until a more stable update is released by Verizon/Motorola.
Haven't seen 3G-1X in a while. Google maps might just be a setting. Make sure you have both GPRS and GPS enabled. GPRS is weak, but it's a good filler when GPS is having trouble. Grab GPSStatus, good indicator of if you r having trouble getting a lock. Root and custom roms are no guarantee you won't have these issues, and other problems may replace them. But root means you are improving your understanding of how things work, and you will undoubtedly be able to trouble-shoot better. IMO, it's a waste NOT to root at this point. It's the only way to see what your Droid is really capable of. Almost like buying a whole new phone.