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TheUnlockr.com Needs a How To Writer

Discussion in 'Archived Threads' started by TheUnlockr, Sep 7, 2011.

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    Hello all,

    I run TheUnlockr.com (hence the super original username...). You may be familiar with the site, but if not, it is a little site I started a while ago to help people with rooting/modding their devices. What once was a humble little site is now a site getting over 2 million hits a month and does a bit more than just rooting how tos.
    I am posting here today because, frankly, I need help. There are too many devices out there for me to cover in any sort of timely manner. We do have one person helping me, but we need more. I figured Android Forums would be the perfect place to find qualified people as I myself use this forum and know the caliber of individual that posts here.

    So here is the job:

    Mobile How To/Tutorial Writer


    Position Summary:
    The person in this position will be responsible for working with the editor-in-chief to come up with new mobile how to's and tutorials for the readers. You will then work on those how to's and present readers with a concise, easy to understand way of completing whatever the task at hand may be. Person will also be responsible for creating videos to accompany the how to's and sending them in to be edited and uploaded by the editor-in-chief.
    The applicant for this role must be proficient in both research, writing, and basic videography.

    Position Duties and Responsibilities:
    • Research consumer needs to formulate new how to's.
    • Transform the task into multiple, easy to understand steps.
    • Create a professional-looking video to accompany the steps and submit it all to the editor-in-chief to be edited and uploaded to the site.


    Functional and Technical Skills:
    • Demonstrate strong verbal and written communication skills
    • Strong work ethic, self-motivated, and ability to function independently
    • Ability to think from different mobile users' perspectives to come up with how to's.
    • Proficient in grammar and spelling
    • Proficient in video camera use

    Experience and Education:
    • Technical writing skills preferred
    • Passion for writing, and technology a must

    How to Apply:
    • Send the following (in the body of the email, no attachments will be opened) via email:
    • Resume
    • References
    • Write and film one video how to's and upload it to YouTube, then email us the link with your written part of the how to, resume, references, etc. (Written part of the how to must include title, small introductory paragraph, and steps to complete the how to) (For examples, head to our site here: How To Tether Your Android Phone without Needing the Market or Root | TheUnlockr )
    • Links to any published works if applicable

    Pay per post PLUS revenue share of advertising on all your posts for the lifetime of employment.
    Minimum number of posts per month required.
    Visible byline on all your posts with your name (and a link to a website of your choice, if you want).

    Please feel free to email me with any questions you may have (do NOT reply here, email me instead). DCogen at MobiUnlim.com

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