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Things that are fixed in the Samsung Moment

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by numus, Jan 13, 2010.

  1. numus

    Thread Starter

    Thought it would be best to create a single thread that has a list of all the fixes we have got for the moment so people don't continue to say it is "broken" (note all fixes including using zefs 8.3 kernel and modification of the CL14 OS/modem file):
    1) Network Location works great now (it might put you a little away from your "actual" location (by a couple hundred feet maybe) but it still puts you almost were you are really located, and since we use this for "general approximation" of location (gps is the only way to get a reliable location fix) i will say it is working 100% (note this is with gps and wifi turned off... so we know it is actually fixed)
    2) Optimization of the kernel allows it to actually use the processing power of the S3C6410 Chipset instead of using generic drivers. this means it is actually ment for the phone and works much faster
    3) Battery meter has been optimized to give 5% reporting levels and adjusted to semi-accurately monitor battery against known calibration curve of the battery (based off of Behold II battery code which uses the same battery). No longer drops you to 15% within 2 hours and turns off most functionality...
    4) e911 in pattern lock mode now pulls up a dialer that only allows you to call 911 instead of automatically calling the minute you hit the button
    5) reports of pandora/slacker/other streaming programs not having the same stutter starts
    6) keyboard lag has gotta incredibly better

  2. IOWA

    IOWA Mr. Logic Pants

  3. jen8112

    jen8112 Android Enthusiast

    If you guys can fix the bugs then why can Samsung?!!! I have to wait for an "official" release of the bug fixes cuz I don't want to F up my phone. ;)
  4. numus

    Thread Starter

    Samsung actually is the one who fixed the majority of the bugs (outside the battery meter).. CL14 contained all teh fixed code and zefie was able to get it to boot without bricking the phone... Why they aren't releasing it as a general update build we have no idea..
  5. IOWA

    IOWA Mr. Logic Pants

    Yeah they should put it up for download on their site.
  6. Othan1

    Othan1 Android Enthusiast

    Brought this over here to the more appropriate thread.

    Numus: "8.3 is only half of it"

    So I use the "How to load Zefie's custom kernel..." thread to do the 8.x. I didn't realize that there was another component to it. Is there another step by step thread for ******s like me to install the CL14?

    My apologies if I've overlooked it...I didn't see steps to install in the OP's link below your original post.
  7. numus

    Thread Starter

    *bangs head on desk*
    Tips and Guides

    We keep the majority of the guides in the board labeled Tips and Guides

    How-To: Flash to CL14 System and C14 Modem using cnstarz Guide Started by joeykrim
  8. Othan1

    Othan1 Android Enthusiast

    Ah. lol. Derp. I should have checked the rest of YOUR forums instead of this one. Dumbass ID-10T error on my part.
  9. numus

    Thread Starter

    They aren't my forums.. they are the development community forums (or atleast part of the development community lol)
  10. snuckles

    snuckles Newbie

    Don't feel bad, I didn't know either . . . thanks for asking.

    Numus, thanks for starting this thread. I'm still VERY overwhelmed.
  11. Othan1

    Othan1 Android Enthusiast

    Glad I'm not the only one, then. heh. So from what I gather, I have to do both the new 8.3 and the CL14 to have the full package. I think that's what he meant by "half". So I'll be doing the CL14 and then the 8.3 today.
  12. numus

    Thread Starter

    Ehh its all cool.. i am still overwhelmed at the fact that comcast charged me 42 dollars this month with a base rate of 40 dollars.. and yet last months bill including tax was 37 dollars.. how is that even possible?!?
    Should have said third lol.. don't forget the cl14 modem.. it is seperate from the cl14 os file.. i believe that guide addresses them both
  13. Wingzfan61

    Wingzfan61 Android Enthusiast

    Ok Ive cooked roms for windows mobile, used hybrids for blackberries but for some reason doing this to my Android worries me. How easy is it to go back to stock if I do this "upgrade"? Also, Im assuming like all other phone hacks that I'll have to reinstall everything and redo all my settings right?
  14. numus

    Thread Starter

    Reinstall everything.. no in most situation
    How easy is it to brick.. moderate to hard
    Return to stock ... very easy

    Edit: Oh ya.. there is a possibility CL14 will allow you to maintain a data connection in evdo when you are on a voice call via 1xRTT... since meebo didnt sign me out like usually and i recieved ims (that i noticed after i hung up.. no idea if i recieved them while i was on the phone or they got recieved the minute i hung up)
  15. BirdieMN

    BirdieMN Newbie

    I'm assuming what you're talking about here is the ability to reply send receive e-mails, browse the web, etc while on a phone call? That would be F-ing sweet!
  16. numus

    Thread Starter

    I havent attempted to test that application yet.. More when i am talking about is in CJ05 when you had an active data connection (say meebo.. an im client) when you placed (or recieved) a phone call it would kill the EVDO signal and rely on only the 1xRTT (that is all that is used for voice).. This is why you can't recieve any data stuff (except sms since sms is actually transmitted via the voice carrier signal and not the data stream.. hense why this is impossible to be affected by the faulty network location script and cause an sms to be bounced through a data connection in a foreign country).. But when i just made a 10 minute call, the evdo data signal didn't appear to "cut off"... when the cut off happens meebo will immediately go into a "connection lost" mode and you have to manually resign on when you terminate the voice call.. Since it didn't do this, and i sent an im and recieved an im after i was done with teh voice call it seems to not have terminated the connection... I haven't tested if you can recieve a data file (im, e-mail or whatever other then sms) while on the voice call (because i dont get evdo in my office)... will test it tonight...
  17. Bigjohn

    Bigjohn Member

    Yes, yes it would.
  18. numus

    Thread Starter

    Nope.. it does lock out the EVDO signal during voice calls.. it just puts all communication with it in a "suspended" state i am guessing that resumes when you disconnect... You will immediately recieve and data stuff (ims, e-mail, whatever) when you disconnect..
  19. Wingzfan61

    Wingzfan61 Android Enthusiast

    I hate to do this but I wanna make sure I dont screw this up. So first Im gonna flash to the SPH-M900_ZE08.3_KERN.tar file.

    After that Im gonna flash the SPH-M900_CL14_WORKING_SYSTEM_ONLY.tar file

    After that Im gonna flash the SPH-M900_CL14_CDMA-ONLY.tar

    So In all Im gonna do 3 flashes back to back?
  20. numus

    Thread Starter

    ya that will work
  21. indiana jones

    indiana jones Member

    just to be clear you need both cl14 system and cl14 cdma for it to show baseband cl14. if you choose to install custom kernel on top of that then that would be another set of tweaks. going back to stock would require the SPH-M900_CJ05_REL which will restore to out of the box.

    from what ive experiecenced
    keyboard lag on landscape is gone.
    agps locates me to about 2-4 minutes away.(i was in canada before)
    the phone has been out of its charger for 1 hr and the battery meter is solid green (never happened before)
    battery status says "not charging" (so you dont know the percentage)
    homescreen updated to sprint portal (request phone number)

    all in all this is HUGE!
  22. dkjones96

    dkjones96 Android Enthusiast

    I went to cl14 just for the landscape keyboard lag, definitely didn't disappoint.
  23. Wingzfan61

    Wingzfan61 Android Enthusiast

    As for "battery status not charging" does that mean in the status screen it won't give a % of battery life? What about the battery widgets, will those still give a reading? That's the main reason for me to load this is the battery issue.
  24. numus

    Thread Starter

    Programs will read the battery % (including open home).. not sure why the battery status now only says Not Charging (or did it always say this?) but i can tell you for 100% spare parts and open home do show a percentage (remember this isnt actual percentages it is a representation of the approximated percentage... we can't give actual percents
  25. Othan1

    Othan1 Android Enthusiast

    Holy crap! I just finished flashing and it's a world of difference at how fast it moves now! That alone makes it worth the few minutes of work it took to do it. If you ever end up in San Diego, Numus, (or any of the other contributors) I'm buying you (or them) a beer or three.

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