Things we Love on Our Hero


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Hi Guys,

I know we all have things that we don't like at the moment with our Lovely Phone, for me its the Battery Life and Pathetic (at least for me) signal strength, but what are the things you Love about this phone?
One thing that I really love is once the screen on my Hero is unlocked
I just Love the way I can just stroke my finger down and the Notification
Screen just drops down the same when I am spinning my way through my Programmes smooth as Silk, I Love it. :)
What is it that you Love about our Phone? :)



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I love the home screen widgets. PLus I jsut love how I can do all my internet stuff right there on my phone. Best. Phone. Ever.


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I just Luv it...Can adapt it to excactly how I want it. It's just such a cool phone...looks great feels great :)


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Flexibility, ownership and choice. It's my phone and I get to choose what i want to do with it, not some control freak corporation on the other side of the atlantic.

It's also just kinda nice not being one of the sheeapple.


I love how flexible it is and being so fickle i love the fact i can completely change how it looks and acts. I use it a lot more than any phone i've ever had before because there's so much to do on it. My Blackberry was great for messaging/facebook/emailing but for everything else i prefer Hero.

I'm always chopping and changing the screens so i love the widgets, i wouldn't want to be without them now. :D


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I love the way it unlocks, when you pull that curved bar down if you look carefully three things happen all at once.

It's a beautiful phone that I can't stop customising :D One day I'll settle on a series of screens but I can't see that happening any time soon.

Cheers Al