Mar 8, 2010
I was trying to root my refurb 1.5 that I just got yesterday. And thinking that I was putting the root file on my phone, the one that I downloaded from the instructions and placed it on my sd card, I did the volume down+power button to get to hboot screen. It said upgrade and I pressed yes, not realizing that it was the 2.1 upgrade it wanted me to do and not root. Now I'm on 2.1, which I did not want....craptastic!
Try this

10. You can test to make sure everything is working by going to a command prompt, go to the \tools\ directory of the Android SDK, and type: "adb shell". If you see a "$" (or "#" if you're already rooted) sign you're good.
Right, I was confused on this though. I am on a mac. so I went to the terminal where I think I put the command in, where would I see the $ or #?
On the left side of the screen. Mac, Windows and Linux will all look the same when you run the adb command.
Ok, this is what I did. I opened SDK, went to tools, double clicked and it opened the terminal. I went to New Command and typed adb shell and this is what it shows me.

Dizzles-MacBook:~ ************$ adb shell
-bash: adb: command not found

Am I in the right spot, or way off?

Thanks for the help, btw.
Ok, I went to tools, adb. double clicked adb and it opened a new window:

tloader or recovery program
adb reboot-bootloader - reboots the device into the bootloader
adb root - restarts the adbd daemon with root permissions
adb usb - restarts the adbd daemon listening on USB
adb tcpip <port> - restarts the adbd daemon listening on TCP on the specified port
adb ppp <tty> [parameters] - Run PPP over USB.
Note: you should not automatically start a PPP connection.
<tty> refers to the tty for PPP stream. Eg. dev:/dev/omap_csmi_tty1
[parameters] - Eg. defaultroute debug dump local notty usepeerdns

adb sync notes: adb sync [ <directory> ]
<localdir> can be interpreted in several ways:

- If <directory> is not specified, both /system and /data partitions will be updated.

- If it is "system" or "data", only the corresponding partition
is updated.

[Process completed]

i can't type anything in there though.
If you run a terminal then change to the tools directory in terminal you can run "adb shell" from there.
is there a specific place where I need to have the SDK folder? or does that not matter? i typed in cd /tools but it said no such file or directory.
You can put anywhere but when you change to the directory you need to know the path of it. When you open the terminal it starts in your home directory. In my case I need to type "cd /Downloads/android-sdk-linux_86/tools".
Its the same window you used to double click on the adb file before on post #9. I don't know what Apple calls it. It should have the path on it to the tools directory.
this is what I got
Dizzles-MacBook:tools ************$ ./adb shell
* daemon not running. starting it now *
* daemon started successfully *