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Think it's what I want

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by mike2874, Sep 7, 2011.

  1. mike2874

    mike2874 Lurker
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    I've pretty much decided on getting a HTC Incredible 2 to use on Page Plus and I live in a rural area but it looks like Verizon covers Kansas... I read country water meters once a month and I'm near the Oklahoma border at times which Verizon basically doesn't cover.

    Will I have trouble with Verizon coverage and specifically the Incredible 2 in rural areas I have Sprint now with no problems?

    I've never bought a phone off of eBay before so I'm a little paranoid but I need a phone ASAP since my Sprint Motorola Renegade has no display (contract is up).

    If a phone is listed as new in box and the seller says the ESN is clear can I assume the phone will be ok to purchase?

    Do you guys buy a phone off of eBay without the seller providing the ESN number?

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  2. blackepoxy

    blackepoxy Android Expert

    I would buy from the seller only if their post for the phone lists the esn number, or if it does not & you message them asking for it they should provide it to you right away.
    Then you take that number down and call verizon yourself & tell them you want to do an esn check and confirm make and model. You don't need an account with them to do this either.

    If the seller does not voluntarily list the esn, take a clear picture of it on the actual phone or doesn't want to give it to you after you message them so you can call & check for yourself, I would not waste my time or money with them.

    Even if the listing has Clean or Clear Esn I would absolutely get the number & call & check it myself before even bidding on it, if any amount of money is owed on the account connected with esn of the phone Verizon will want you to pay that amount before they will clear the esn & activate the phone for you.
    Happy bidding!

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