ThinkFree Office(LITE) available in Market, works with Raptor


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I found that there is a version of ThinkFree Office available in the market that does everything that the one preloaded on the Ally does and it works fine with Raptor. The odd thing is, I could find it when searching with Market, but not AppBrain.

I haven't used ThinkFree much, so it's possible this doesn't replace the installed version entirely, but maybe someone can take a look and compare them.

I've also heard a rumor that KillerTonez found a fix for the other, but I haven't found any posts here to that effect and the link is dead where he had set up his download.

I've uploaded the new version here -
Hope this helps someone!


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Talk about a bust, I can't even get it to download my Google docs. It shows them but when I try to download them, it says no document exists.

So much for that brilliant find!