Root Thinking about buying the BN NC...


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I've done some research and I'm VERY interested in getting a NookColor and rooting it. I just have some questions: as far as using it as a tablet and not as a reader, does the NookColor deliver? As a current rooted Evo user, I would also like to know are there custome kernels to overclock the nook? How's the battery life on the nook before rooting and after rooting, that is, is there a major difference? Are Live Wallpapers supported? If I do root, can I still dl books from B&N or do I have to go thru their app from the app market? And, lastly, is the Kindle app supported?

Sorry for all the questions but like I said, I'm extremely excited to buy one for the purposes of rooting it to my heart's content. Thanks


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With a custom rom:

  • Battery life on standby is 10x worse, o/w is the same with use. This bug should be fixed in a couple weeks with the latest kernels (currently beta) tho.
  • All B&N apps are gone so only have market Kindle and B&N book apps.
  • OC kernels will bump you from 800 to 1300 and are optimized to give you better speed even at 800 mhz.
  • Last I checked some live wallpapers actually move too fast so maybe someone else can comment.

If rooted, you can DL Kindle app, but stock rom's UI isn't as nice and you have to use an app to emulate the missing "back" and "menu" buttons.