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Thinking about getting the Droid

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by AirBoyzT, Dec 29, 2009.

  1. AirBoyzT

    AirBoyzT Lurker
    Thread Starter

    So I'm thinking about getting the Motorola Droid. The main things I want is a checkbook app and the ability to view upcomming events on the main screen so I can keep my work in order.

    Is this phone worth getting, any info on the stuff it can do would be great.

  2. nigel11

    nigel11 Newbie

    Yes there are plenty of checkbook apps, though why anybody needs one i don't know ( seriously, who uses checks?).

    As far as what it can do, what specifically would you like it to do. Chances are it can do it.

    Read through the forums and you will find out a lot about what it can do, or ask about something in particular. I don't think anybody is going to take the time to make a list of everything that it can do.
  3. ceruti82

    ceruti82 Member

    i use FIREWALLET (i dont write checks, but i do keep track of my debits...) and it has an option for recurring bills. also bugets, etc... i am still in my one month free trial version. havent decided if i want to pay for it yet.. i tried FINANCISTO as well. but it doenst have a spot for recurring bills as reminders.. tried CASHEW, but havent really gotten into it much, i am liking FIREWALLET

    i use CALWIDGET for my calendar widget. many idfferent sizes, custom colors, very decent free calendar widget.
  4. GDroid

    GDroid Android Enthusiast

    Try a search on www.androlib.com for checkbook applications. :D

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