Help Thinking about getting the Incredible....

And I know I will need help :) I would be coming from the iPhone 3Gs.
App Suggestions for the following would be appreciative:
- Alternative to the flip clock, something smaller
- Calendar
- Weather

Any other good apps :) And what is Swype? I have seen some peopel talk about it.

And also which is better, Launcher Pro or ADW? All I know is that you can change icons lol :)

Thanks For any and all help!


I use "Beautiful Widgets" (in the market) as an alternative to the flip clock. "Beautiful Smaller Home" is the name of the widget I use.

The calendar included in Sense is nice. It syncs with Google Calendar and has nice widgets provided by Sense.

"Weather Bug" is a good weather app. The Weather Channel also has a nice app.

Swype is the keyboard where you don't have to tap each letter. It's easier to YouTube it than to have someone explain.

I don't use Launcher Pro or ADW, so I can't help you there.

I came from the iPhone 3G to the incredible and love it.