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Thinking about getting this phone.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by hidden202, Jul 30, 2013.

  1. hidden202

    hidden202 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    What are your impressions of this phone? On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate it? Pros and cons of the phone?

    I am thinking of getting this phone with boost. It's too bad they didn't come out with the phone in white here in the US

  2. rreoken

    rreoken Newbie

    It's an excellent phone for the price and on a contract-free carrier! Specs, performance is great. No bugs so far. Easy to root. Lots of features packed in! Get it before they figure to up the price!
  3. hidden202

    hidden202 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Any pros/cons on the phone?
  4. rreoken

    rreoken Newbie

    Pros: The Phone is snappy, Screen is sharp and vibrant. Lots of convenient features such as quick memo and video editors. You can put together a video project real quick. Call quality is good, speaker is VERY GOOD compared to Galaxy S2 and Galaxy Nexus. Battery life is the best that i have seen to date! That is the big sale to me over the S3.

    Cons: I wish there were more available storage than the 4.1 Gigs available to the user. Also the RAM advertised is 2 Gigs but you end up with 1 Gig - 793 Mb actually available to user. Besides that the phone is good.

    The phone is a great buy. THe experts may label it a mid-range device but it has very good specs and features, and more importantly, Top-end usability. A feature-packed phone like this is a steal for $299. Get it.
  5. MiguelAMX

    MiguelAMX Well-Known Member

    Boost has a deal going on and I snagged the phone for a cool $250. Standard overnight shipping. Too bad I ordered on a Friday so I have to wait until Monday :( I work in a part Boost store and got to play with the phone for an hour or so. Its an amazing phone. My first phone I've seen with an HD screen. God its amazing. Its hard to look at my Rush now.

    Ill do a little review once my phone comes in.
  6. icyboyice

    icyboyice Well-Known Member

    after the 2.5 gb 4g lte limit. Is the data painfully slow 3g? or is it still manageable ? My only concern on switching from metro
  7. MiguelAMX

    MiguelAMX Well-Known Member

    Well the thing is, the 3G has always been a pain. In fact, capping my speed would do zilch to me, because I'd have the same shit 3G speeds.

    Honestly, if your area does not have 4G or LTE, do not get Boost or even Sprint. The 3G is abysmal. I get 10kbps max in west palm beach, about 4-6mbps on LTE though :)

    Again it depends on area, but in my experience. 3G is just sad.
  8. hidden202

    hidden202 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Wouldn't mind a review from your perspective.

    After doing my research for so long, I will be picking up this phone either this week or next week for 250 dollars.

    I was debating between this and the S3 but I think this will suit better. I believe the S3 has better specs but it's not that much better outside of storage and space. I love the customization of this phone from what I've seen. This dude put out a 2 part interview including a nearly 30 min 1st part where he ran through the customization.

    Boost Mobile LG Optimus F7 Review(Part 1) - BoyMeetsPhone.com - YouTube
  9. birddseedd

    birddseedd Member

    I have gotten 2 megs on 3g. usually only about half a meg tho. plenty for web browsing and phone games.
  10. birddseedd

    birddseedd Member

    does this come with 4.0 or 4.1 stock?
  11. Rally 517

    Rally 517 Android Expert

  12. jmphillips76

    jmphillips76 Newbie

    I am planning on getting this phone in a couple days and just wanted to know if anyone has come up with a list of "safe to remove apps" and

    a little about my phones I am a "flash a holic" that started with the HTC Hero CMDA and that phone was little tank and had tons of developer support then I ended up purchasing the HTC evo Design with its great qhd screen but has very little devs and Now I am thinking this phone over the GS3 (lots of devs) and One SV I never was a Sammy fan and I love HTC phones but the One SV don't have as sharp of a screen.
  13. sortoh85

    sortoh85 Well-Known Member

    If u root and change out the kernel.. They are all safe to remove
  14. Nate7504

    Nate7504 Lurker

    First off I have never owed an android device,until now, I came from an iPhone 4s,(jailbroken) I love this phone, I bought 2 for a hundred bucks, I had it for a couple of days before I rooted it. The freedom you get with android the customize even without rooting is unmatched by ios. Anyway on to the f7.its very smooth on transitioning from screen to screen, the screen resolution itself is amazing, my coworker has an s3,witch I'm sure has a higher resolution then my phone, but I could not really tell a difference. A couple things I noticed, this device gets hot! I have seen battery temps over 109 after heavy use, maybe that's normal? Also the gps antenna seems to not quit be up to par, it's hard to get a fix sometimes in the car, bottom line for what I paid this phone is awsome(keep in mind I have very little to compare this too) I have been on this thing non stop for a week fooling with it, I would not trade it for my iPhone that's for sure.
  15. jmphillips76

    jmphillips76 Newbie

    got this phone a couple hours ago and I will say it is a very nice handset.... that and I already rooted it and flashed the kernel hope to see some new stuff to flash lol Thanks guys for the root and kernel keep up the fine work.....

    Edit I dont officially have 4G LTE in my area but in Greensburg Pa (still no official word on LTE Coverage) about 30 miles north of me there is 4G and I like what I see ....

  16. 903Tex

    903Tex Android Enthusiast

    Just got the phone took back the force and got this while it was on sale at radioshack. Phone is nice. No gps problems or anything
  17. mrsmumbles

    mrsmumbles Android Enthusiast

    The display is great. There are problems with lagging though. I haven't rooted yet.

    Download speeds are dismal here. Last night I was barely able to download even small files. At best and fastest times I was getting 10Kbs. Sad. Not always that bad but it should never be. Web sites are slow to open too. This is a Sprint/BM problem so I don't know how much the phone itself may perform.
  18. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    i really want this phone too; the VuTalk feature is really cool! im on virgin now and i know they have the F3; but the F7 is just way better. have any of you guys used VuTalk yet?
  19. jmax81

    jmax81 Well-Known Member

    I've had this phone since Friday,its Monday morning and I believe I set the phone down maybe 15 minutes lol. coming from the ZTE Warp this phone is absolutely amazing, don't get me wrong the warp is awesome. I've tried out the GPS and no problem so far. if we can get some devs on this puppy we got it made peps!!! I've already seen a few familiar names, I'm sure with more and more people getting on board this phone will be goin places. Get it
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  20. mrsmumbles

    mrsmumbles Android Enthusiast

    It really is a big step up from my Hydro. Once I get a video downloaded playback is smooth and sound is great. No buffering problems like on the Hydro.

    But downloading is more of a difficulty than it was even 2 months ago on Sprint/Boost here. Even on WiFi, though I did downgrade my home internet after my tablet died.
  21. mrsmumbles

    mrsmumbles Android Enthusiast

    Plus, the simplicity of taking screen shots (it never worked on my Hydro, all I managed was shutting the phone down every time I tried), the fact that any browser works; there's so much that just works so well and I'm not fighting with it as I always felt I was on the Hydro.

    The only thing that's bad so far is the network I'm on. But I knew that when I decided to buy the phone.
  22. mrsmumbles

    mrsmumbles Android Enthusiast

    Oh, and I'm getting at least 13 hours of moderately heavy use (picking it up, putting it down, with several hours very heavy use mixed in) before the battery reaches 18%.

    That may not seem so fantastic but it's over twice as long as the Hydro was lasting per charge. And it takes a shorter time to fully charge than the Hydro. And not a single freeze or crash yet.
  23. jmax81

    jmax81 Well-Known Member

    the big selling point for me with this phone, besides the price, is the fact that I can hook my TV up to it and watch movies and stream video, I live in a place where you only have one choice with cable, got behind yada yada.
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  24. mrsmumbles

    mrsmumbles Android Enthusiast

    I haven't tried that yet but it sounds incredibly good. With my data connection I couldn't stream at all though. It's painfully slow.
  25. mrsmumbles

    mrsmumbles Android Enthusiast

    Since last night, with intermittent use and many chunks of time using the phone, I got 18 hours from the battery.

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