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Thinking about performing a factory reset. Help on what to back up.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by danmil05, Aug 9, 2012.

  1. danmil05

    danmil05 Member
    Thread Starter

    So after reading some posts about how some people are doing factory resets, i though i might try it. I know some people are doing it because they noticed something wrong after the ICS update. With me, i noticed some of the music files on the phone can't be played. Other then that i have no problems but if theres some slight advantage on doing a factory reset (other then my music problem) like the phone preforming faster, them i'll do it.

    Now on what might be deleted. (also, i have not rooted or flashed anything on my phone):

    I know contacts will be backed up. I just want to know if the music and pictures (on the sd card) will be deleted. Also, i want to know if i moved my apps from the phone storage to the sd card will prevent them from deleting. If not, will the progress on the apps be deleted. I don't want to start Angry Birds from the beginning again.

    So, i think to only thing i'm worried about deleting is music, pictures and apps. If i can save the settings on my phone it would be awesome. If i can't, no big deal.

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  2. zazan

    zazan Android Enthusiast

    My experience was that all my contacts, music, and pictures were saved. I lost all my apps and had to reinstall. However, google's Dashboard made that easier since it kept a list of all my apps and I was able to save a lot of time reinstalling them from there.

    My experience is that the reset did resolve many issues, not perfectly, but well enough for me to stop complaining in general.

    To prepare for the reset I backed my entire phone storage to my desk top computer. Make sure you do this just in case.

    Good luck
  3. danmil05

    danmil05 Member
    Thread Starter

    Thank you for the reply. Never used Google dashboard so i'll try that.
  4. pinkfrog876

    pinkfrog876 Newbie

    Definitely back up your texts. Maybe your call logs if you care for them.
  5. lawlibanc

    lawlibanc Lurker

    Also take a look at the apps in this article: How to backup your Android phone to the cloud

    I used them to back-up my info before doing a factory reset. Using all of them was probably overkill, but I wanted to have back-ups to my back-ups. :eek:
  6. danmil05

    danmil05 Member
    Thread Starter

    Thank you for those who replied. I did the factory reset and everything seems ok. I just wish there was a war to save your progress in games like angry birds.

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