Help Thinking about switching to the photon can you answer some questions please


wanted to see what the average battery life is.. and data speeds you see in 3g/4g. also has anyone compared data speeds to the epic 4g touch thanks.


Your data will improve since the cdma chip is 5 years newer. Battery life is not as good as epic touch but it's not bad either.


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If you're a Sprint customer you'd be wise to stay away from Samsung phones as they have the absolute weakest radio drivers and radio hardware and Sprint's network has the lowest bandwidth and crappy spaced-out towers. Motorola has some of the best radio hardware and drivers on the market. The Photon will crush any Samsung out now when it comes to real world use (don't trust any hypothetical speed tests, Sprint service is just too weak).


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I have been holding out upgrading my OG EVO4G. I did get the wifie a MoPho for Xmas. I can say the radio is better. MoPho will get bars when the EVO will be roaming. Typically 3g speed is 1.2mb dwn and 800k up. 4G speeds 8mb-12mb dwn and 1.5mb up (Portland,Or.) EVO was just slighty off on those data speeds. All in all MoPho has been an excellent phone.


i got the photon on monday and i like the photon a lot. switched from iphone 4 and im glad i did the switch. just glad im back to with andriod system. ugh with itunes. lmao....

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Data speeds will really depend on your area, and if you live in a good-sized city it may vary considerably. Signal strength, however, will be good. The Photon has excellent radios, and I can pull in a signal just about anywhere. I definitely get a better signal than my fiance does with her Epic 4G (the original).