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Thinking of buying a tablet

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by daz_2000, Sep 10, 2011.

  1. daz_2000

    daz_2000 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Hi Guys,

    After getting involved with the HP touchpad search, I seem to have created a need to have a tablet.

    The more I think about it, the more I want one. My main reasons for purchasing one are :

    1. Good web browsing, something better than my Sam galaxy s2, but dont always want to get up and use the pc.

    2. Videos - always watch films, avi, mkv's etc, my sgs2 handles well, but want something to take to bed with me with a bigger screen than the phone. So want a good amount of storage space.

    3. Want to download all my android apps that I use on my sgs2.

    4. good battery life

    Thats the main reasons. Not bothered about a camera. Only need wifi too.

    So as far as I can see my main options to get a decent one, and I want a 10inch screen are the galaxy 10.1, the transformer or the new sony one, oh and the zoom.

    Any opinions on whats best? Thought I was going to get the galaxy 10.1, but heard it doesnt have a sd card slot? is this true?

    Any other names to throw in the mix?


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  2. excav8ter

    excav8ter Android Enthusiast

    My first Android tablet experience has been with the Acer Iconia. I really like mine....it's definitely worth a look.
  3. arnould

    arnould Member

    Yes, for The galaxy 10.1 tablet it doesn't have an SD slot, but an optional SD card adapter is available as part of the USB adapter / connection kit and enables SD card connectivity to the tablet.

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  4. excav8ter

    excav8ter Android Enthusiast

    Good to know!
  5. 2acclaim

    2acclaim Well-Known Member

    search up a bit. Target has the 16gb Asus Transformer for $300 today. If I was in the market I'd grab it.

    I just cyanogen'd my Nook color. while the 10" screen would be nice, it's still a void filler for the laptop/Galaxy S phone.

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