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Thinking of buying new phone...

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by kebhow, Sep 29, 2011.

  1. kebhow

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    So I bought my Legend in June '10. and frankly, the phone kept deteriorating until now it reached an alarming state.

    My problems:
    -It's very slow, prone to hang, doesn't play a lot of games (or laggy, due to its RAM I guess?)

    -A problem where when I update or install a new app, it said "couldn't install on USB or Mass Storage" I googled this problem and it sai dthe phone must be rooted to fix this problem, and my phone is not rooted (I also don't know what rooting is for, really).

    -battery-wise, I've lost the original battery (yep...) and now I'm using another brand. but I think the performance is the same with the original, with 3g on it only lasted about 2-4 hours... So I can only play or browse mostly when I'm close to home (and the charger inside)

    So I'm thinking of buying a new phone, that is SGS II, Sensation, or Optimus 2x. I've checked their specs, and Optimus doesn't seem like the one I need. So it's SGS II vs Sensation. I've did a lot of googling about these two, and mostly it said SGS II wins in the hardware section, buat lacks the UI. I want the sensation because it's a good looking phone, build and UI. but a problem comes to mind.

    How much is the real memory available for installing apps on the SGS II and Sensation? In Legend you only get 180 mb (not including htc apps) and it really suck since I can't install bigger games... so It's a very important factor for me.

    Thx for reading this and I'm really hoping you guys will have some opinions.



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