Thinking of getting an unlocked S3 on ebay trying to figure out a plan for it?


Hi, everyone!

I want to buy a S3 but I really cant take the "big 4"'s prices. I've been doing my research the whole day. The only way I came up right now is to buy an unlocked phone on ebay, and then buy a straighttalk sim card. (Is this really gonna work though? straighttalk+unlocked phone from ebay?)

This will give me:
1. unlimited everything(data actually has a 2gb cap)

I need to pay:
1. 45$/month plan
2. 15$ SIM card
3. 600$ for the phone.

If I choose to get one for the "big 4" instead. Then I need to pay at least 35$ more each month and I would get less data. 2-year-contract adds up to 840$ more. But I do get the phone for a cheaper price(200$).

Should I go with straighttalk or "big 4"? And also is anyone successfully using an unlocked s3 with straighttalk?