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Thinking Of Selling My Triumph...

Discussion in 'Archived Threads' started by compulady5, Dec 28, 2011.

  1. compulady5

    compulady5 Guest
    Thread Starter

    Happy holidays everyone...

    Well, I gave VM 10 months, and 6 months of waiting for them (and/or Motorola) to sh*t or get off the pot to fix the phone issues (and their data service to be quite honest)....

    For the same monthly price, I'm going to switch to MetroPCS and on their 4G network. I've read their data streams are good and stable, not to mention the LG Esteem is a good phone. No issues with GPS, erratic data streams, etc.

    I have a Rocketfish case for my phone, and the Best Buy PRP plan that's transferrable to the new owner. I even still have the box. (and the charger of course).... The phone is rooted and has the boot loader prog in it.. I will do a factory reset on it too.
    If anyone is interested, PM me. I haven't listed a price but I'd like to walk away with $175....

    Thanks for all the good reads, the help threads, the dev's hard work, etc.


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  2. you should check your coverage and if its not good you should have returned the phone asap and went with another carrier. I get absolutely got awful AT&T service here, and you know what I did? I left em :D

    Metro has ok phones now, but definately see if the network is good where you are, becuase over here they are still building it and everyone I know who has a MetroPCS 4G phone only gets 1x data except for certain areas.

    as far as i know, metro doesnt have 3G data except for very limited areas. so you either have 4G or 1x, and they are still building their 4G network. but good luck on there.

    as for the Triumph, wait until the holiday deals are over, so the price is higher in the stores, thats when its a good time to sell privately.

    no one will pay 175 for yours if they can get it for 149 on the website, new.

    also, accessories DO NOT matter. they dont increase the price. you can include them but dont try to upsell. although you MAY get lucky and sell to someone who thinks its a deal, but then youll just be kind of an a hole.

    also, craigslist is a great phone to sell phones. make sure you put the stocck rom back on (cm7 or miui cant be activated, so the next user will be frustrated.)

    also, TELL THE NEXT USER that when they activate the phone, they absolutely have to call virgin mobile customer support to change the MSID from within the phone, this can only be done from the stock rom and HAS to be done before they can use it, and it can only be done manually, the activate app wont do it.
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  3. haro138

    haro138 Well-Known Member

    Wait wait shmackshmack I can still get one for 150? I was trying to get one for my girlfriend. Wouldn't mind getting a used one for 175 though if they're not 150. So, compulady you still interested in selling the phone.

  4. hmm, i dont know. seems like its back at the normal price now, i guess I havent checked the prices in awhile.
  5. drnilly007

    drnilly007 Lurker

    I am also interested in purchasing this phone. I sent you a PM
  6. compulady5

    compulady5 Guest
    Thread Starter

    Oops, sorry- didn't get the notification. Yes, I am, but someone chimed in this thread that they'll sell theirs for $140..

    Still, mine has the BB replacement warranty for two yrs. lol

    Nah, seriously tho, I sold it, but then the interested party poofed, so it's still up for grabs.

    ETA- I'm also selling my RF-1100 Shoei helmet (size small) if there's other sportbike riders here, lol.... ;-)
  7. Raptor5150

    Raptor5150 Android Enthusiast

    Im a sportbike rider :3 what do you ride btw? im on a ninja 500..

  8. compulady5

    compulady5 Guest
    Thread Starter

    That's a great bike.
    <------- I have a CBR 600RR.. :)

  9. im a motorcycle tech. specialize in Honda and vintage harley-davidson :D
  10. compulady5

    compulady5 Guest
    Thread Starter

  11. Raptor5150

    Raptor5150 Android Enthusiast

    nice i wanna get a CBR F4i as my step up really bad :3

    so from your screen name.. im guessin your a female sportbike rider?

  12. hfl12

    hfl12 Member

    vm rep says it takes 6-7 weeks for the refund process to complete. Is this true?
  13. compulady5

    compulady5 Guest
    Thread Starter

    @ Raptor: Yes, I am equipped with an innie. lol
    I had a 2006 F4i as my second bike. She's a good and solid bike. Plenty capable of doing 150 should you feel the need. ;-)

    @hfl12: refund from VM for what? Are you referring to the 30-day window after purchasing the phone initially from VM themselves? I'd create a new thread if you have questions regarding that.

    Happy Friday, folks!
  14. Raptor5150

    Raptor5150 Android Enthusiast

    Rofl hahaha shes got jokes :p female sport bike riders are always the coolest chicks :D

    But yeah I hope I can gather up the money soon for one.. already done about 130 so whats 20 more mph gonna hurt? :p

  15. compulady5

    compulady5 Guest
    Thread Starter

    Yeah, I get one or two of those out per day, then my quota is full.

    LOL harder to see with tunnelvision?

  16. Raptor5150

    Raptor5150 Android Enthusiast

    Maybe the quota should increase :3 then you can become a full on comedian haha and I think im immune to tunnelvision unless its like 160+ :p :cool:
  17. compulady5

    compulady5 Guest
    Thread Starter

  18. Bob Cat

    Bob Cat Careful, They're sharp!!
    VIP Member

  19. K4KAI

    K4KAI Well-Known Member

    Yeah...if you are lucky. A year ago I bought a Optimus-V from VM online, it was a piece of junk, returned it and got an endless run-a-round from VM. Lucky for me, I paid using PayPal...so I filed a claim and had my refund in less than 2 weeks.

    VM's plan pricing is reasonable, but the on-line and telephone customer service really sucks!:mad:

    Good luck....I wish you well.
  20. compulady5

    compulady5 Guest
    Thread Starter

    Thanks.. The lovely image requirements outside of the subject matter are little nuts for me, but thanks for the tip for when I make it official.... I mean "officially" official.. :)

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