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Third or SkyRaider?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by frishmans92, Aug 18, 2010.

  1. frishmans92

    frishmans92 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Before anyone flames me for asking, or yelling at me to "do my research", I sure did my research, and almost got an "information overload." I went through like 15 pages of SkyRaider and almost all the information via XDA and this forum about The Third Wave.

    But earlier, I used to run SR2.2 and it ran fantastic. Then I found The Second Wave, and sure loved that too. But I've only heard awesome things about SR2.5.2, but the same goes for the Third Wave (Beta 4). However, each ROM has so many options, I don't even know where to start.

    Right now, I currently have SecWave installed with Hydra .5. It runs fantastic, and I generally get good battery life (like 24+hours) with the 1500 mAH. But curiosity kills the cat. These new roms popped up, and they look fantastic. I have the Sense 8.1 SecondWave, but I used the "Remove Sense" file, after turning on Facebook w/ Sense (like the contact integration). So I got to keep that.

    But all these steps, so overwhelming! What do yall recommend? I want good speed, good battery, etc. Man do I miss the days with Pete's Bugless Beast on the original droid...one rom.

  2. Fezzik77

    Fezzik77 Member

    I like Adrynalyne's roms a lot. I have been running Skyraider 2.5.2 and I like it a lot. I think Adrynalyne's run faster at least the Senseless versions but the Skyraider is more stable. Not that Adryn's aren't but I had times where stuff seemed to shut down without warning. Internet for one. But that may have to do with overload. It is almost always on a game on Myspace that probably triggers a memory dump cause I get impatient and just keep pushing buttons. It is very repetitive at least for what I have been doing lately on it.

    In general the Senseless ROMS that have remnants of Sense running like Sky and Adryn's senseless roms Are fast I mean wicked fast especially with the 1.15 Hydra Kernel which is just beautiful. So I am really kind of hoping for Senseless FrankenRom b4 with the new enhancements that were mentioned in the One to rule all and to run that with hydra and I will probably be good for a while. I finally downloaded AppBrain which hopefully will help me keep my apps from Rom to Rom. Right now I am rocking Skyraider with Hydra and it is nice Quite nice and stable. Good stuff.
  3. They are both really good ROMs. Props to the developers. I had SkyRaider for a while and it ran smoothly. I like all the different goodies and themes for SkyRaider that are available in ROM Manager too. Although I liked the ROM, I keep going back to Cyanogenmod 6. Cyanogenmod 6.0.0-RC3 just came out a few days ago and I'm running it now. It comes overclocked and has been proven to be stable. It is definitely my preferred ROM. Looks nice and has some fun features. So if you like the Vanilla look and ADW Launcher, this is the way to go.

    EDIT: I just saw that you like the Facebook integration. I have not tested the Facebook integration with CM6 yet so I'm not sure if it works or not. Could be worth a try if you want to try....Question though, How did you turn on "Facebook w/ Sense" after you removed Sense?
  4. jtcarnes

    jtcarnes Member

    CM6 is true Vanilla and doesn't have ANY Sense stuff. Most of the other "Vanilla" ROMs are built off of the stock Sense 2.2 OS and thus only have most of the surface pieces of Sense removed. You can add Friendstream and Facebook for Sense back in and it will work.

    That being said, CM6 is the ONLY ROM I've used where the Facebook contact sync actually works on its own through the normal Facebook for Android app.
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  5. yojoe600

    yojoe600 Android Expert

    i swear by adryn's roms love how he makes them
  6. mikehippe

    mikehippe Lurker

    I was on 2nd wave, then SkyRaider 2.2, then Skyraider 2.5, and now 3rd wave and think 3rd wave is the best ROM yet.......
  7. crimton

    crimton Android Expert

    if you like sense you may want to try frankenROM beta5. i just in stalled it along with an evo theme by riptide9. i like that you can install evo themes on it, its the prettiest rom i've had yet with this theme on here and it seems to be running smooth. only drawback i've found is that it will not mount internal storage via usb although you can still access it with astro.
  8. frishmans92

    frishmans92 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    This just hit the nail on the head. I really appreciate everyone's responses. Now I remember why this forum was always the first place I go for help, yall are always so respectful and give thoughtful answers.

    But after reading everyone's responses, it sounds like SkyRaider is the way to go if you like "add-ons" and etc, while Adry.'s roms are more straight foward, and just "work."

    So, after having such good luck with The Second Wave, imma give The Third Wave a go. Should I install the sense version, add facebook intergration, then go to Vanilla? (So I can keep Facebook...sort of like how I did with the Second Wave?)
  9. I used to love all the sense goodies but more and more I like Vanilla, slimmer and quicker. That is why I'm bouncing between Van 2.5.2 and RC3. To be honest though, with all this talk I am kinda wanting to try Third Wave, never ridden any of the waves on my Dinc....

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