this forum is slow, lol.


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I'm way suprised with how slow this forum is..... do all sidekick users use a different forum?


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Diehard android users view the Sidekick as a teenie messaging phone.... and they are mostly correct. Most T-mobile android diehards are going for the G2x and HTC Sensation.

*Diehard android users are the type that use message boards to talk about their phone.


I have had the Motorola CLIQ, Samsung Galaxy S, and LG G2x
I wouldn't "diehard" for anything. You could say I'm an Android enthusiast though =)
I prefer the Sidekick 4g out of all 3

And indeed
This Sidekick 4g forum is quite slow
I'm on the look out for help on my question but have found nothing on the web
Guess I'll just sit and wait