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This is complex, for me :)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Ste20man, Jan 15, 2013.

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    I am starting to use my One S to keep important dates and events and so far I am having a little luck. If i use Google calendar on my phone and PC they sync well.

    Really what i want to use is the app Gtasks. It would be great if i could use that and it would sync with both Google calendar on my PC and phone. I think you have to highlight what calendars you want to see.

    I've done that (there seems to be 2 "task" options) but I am getting sketchy results.

    I have gone through all the sync options and it looks, as far as i can tell, that it is sending the data. When i check either the PC or phone it shows up sometimes, others not.

    I wonder if it is a time lag between the Google servers but I doubt that somehow. It's strange.

    The final thing I would like to do is have the 3 up and coming entries be displayed on my smooth calendar widget. This is displaying random events and missing out on some Gtasks here and calendar there.

    I've tried for ages now and have hung up my gloves, it would be great if someone recognized what was going on, cheers, Ste. :)

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