Android Enthusiast
Jun 1, 2011
On my DNA (and as of 4.2.2) it doesn't work to change from the default "sense" keyboard to Swype by long-pressing in a text box - nothing happens. After some hunting I discovered how it's done:

1. Open a text entry field such as an SMS message box
2. Notice that a small keyboard icon appears in the notification bar
3. Pull down the notification bar - notice that next to the keyboard icon it says "select input method"
4. Tap and then select your alternate keyboard eg, Swype, Swiftkey, etc.

Since this wasn't easy to find I thought I'd post it and make the world a better place. Merry Xmas :santaclaus:
Same in 4.3, and something I never noticed. Thank you for the education. I frequently switch back and forth between MyPhoneExplorer and the native keyboard, and in some apps it's a pain to get the selection box. Now it's going to be a lot easier.