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This is how you folks saved me from APPLE!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by t3true, Feb 4, 2011.

  1. t3true

    t3true Newbie
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    A few things before I start: I'm not a journalist so I will have errors , I am watching thursday night tv (right now "Outsourced" is on and I need to write this before I get over it and I do nothing.
    Heres a [short] background history on myself... I used to work for CompUSA back in the days and the best part of working there was how I was able to play with phones before they were out in the public (ATT, T-mobile, Sprint). I mean how else would I know what to tell people!? So I was on a mission to find a good phone...blah blah testing dozens of phones I ended up with a blackberry Curve 8230
    ... one month later the 8240 came out with wifi I WAS HEATED! such is life. --THAT was 6 years ago!!!! So I saw iphones 3, 3gs come out, was impressed, but NOT $299 impressed. And I was just hating all these Apple fan boys who thought the phone was a God sent.. I do like Macs they are great. I'm just the type that felt like they were charging more to be in like a special group that only a few people could enjoy..dint like that. ANYWHOO this is getting long.. ok so Androids came out but NOTHING for AT&T!! COME ONE GUYS lets get some other worthy phones! Several years later and blackberry still in hand I search and read, and find that Iphone 4 is coming out and its going to be the best thing on AT&T since sliced bread on youtube video. So I told myself I am entering the world of Iphone after some years they finally got it right (for me) [thats a whole other story]
    Fast forward to the summer of 2010...OK in line at a parrot.. it was fun, made some friends... GOT THE IPHONE 4! $258 with taxes. I go home I cant put the thing down. Download everything under the sun, test, play, touch, slide, read about signal problem. I go out with a friend to a mall, to eat, out and about and I had the worst signal experience EVER! I was so sad! The best time I had was when I was at home on wifi... long story short 2 weeks later I returned this lovely piece of electronics. It was amazing, but I could not find the amazing out and about.. (you will ask where I live, I live in Central California)
    Got my money back went back to my trusty BB... Then I see Apple is fixing the problem with the cover deal...(side note: at the time I was also in a market for a laptop, so I decided that the I rather invest 250$ more and get a laptop, happy camper)
    So months go by after the i4 and ATT still has no other rivals to the i4... BUT Im not switching makes sense to stay here. (all my family and 80% of friends are on ATT, ANND I'm not a fan of change)(keep in mind I also have been sitting on an upgrade for 3 years)
    So finally ATT has a phone Im interested in checking out! The Samsung Captivate! And this big 4 inch phone that I dint pay attention to the name...YES! Lets try this Dorid business. I do my homework, but before I FINISH my homework Amazon says its selling the captivate for 1 PENNEY!!?!? SOLD! This was last weekend now... I buy the phone...[images below are not mine they are from google images] I should of taken my own shots.
    I'll tell you this I really liked the Captivate. I got it last Friday morning (1/4/2011) played with it for HOURS! Rooted the thing, added apps, played, touched, read, watched.. Battery life kind of sucks maybe its the screens brightness, the apps in the bg.. WHATEVER! Not a deal breaker, YET. Then I try the gps and it missed my home WITH wifi help by 60 meters.. WA? Then I read on blogs that this is a problem with this phone and ALSO that this phone may not be able to be upgraded? DEAL BREAKERS!!! Used it Saturday all day in a plastic bag that the sim card came in..people got a kick out of that because I said it was the screen cover. I just dint want to mess it up because I knew I was going to return the thing! So Sunday I decide to go to an ATT store, I use the navigation WITH VOICE directions.. I will say that I was impressed! I ALMOST kept it, but then once I got to the location the Locator said I was 300 meters away. RETURN! So I said bye bye to the pretty captivate with the awesome screen that I loved and EVERYONE loved!
    wow IM rambling.. sorry but Im excited..

    So now monday comes and I send the captivate back... Now Im gearing myself up for the i4 cus I feel that that phone just worked. I did what it needed to do it was fast, ok lets do it I have to wait for my return to get to Amazon to get my upgrade back ok. Im set.
    So I come by to Androidforums to delete my bookmarks on the captivate and I hear someone talking about this new phone from ATT thats coming out soon.. Click, its the huge phone that I dint pay attention to before I bought the Captivate! Its the HTC 4g phone!!! I read and read, and clicked and confirmed its coming out FEB 13th!!! ARE YOU SERIOUS!?!? IM SO ELATED! I WOULD OF BEEN PISSED if I kept my captivate just cus it cost me (49.99) and I wasnt happy with it! If I'm going to pay these big bucks a month I better enjoy the experience..
    SO IN FINALE ... Your blog here and all you guys saved me from going Apple even tho I so dint want to! I just knew that I needed to retire my 6 year old Blackberry .... But I always knew i wanted to be different and I wanted a big MAN phone because I have big hands.. But now I HAVE EVERYTHING I WANTED IN THIS PHONE! AND MORE ! AND IM saving from the i4 price too! So ive watched and read everything about the Inspire and I am inspired... I have even watched Desire HD videos (I really hope the screen is better) and Evo 4g... My friends can now have phone envy over my phone like I have had while waiting for the Father of all phones (well in my eyes) So THANKS! You guys saved me from going Apple. I am having anxiety a little bit because of the wait hahah Im semi kidding. But 8 days seems like an eternity. But thanks for letting me share this, and thanks for saving me forum, and crappy gps on captivate..

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  2. t3true

    t3true Newbie
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    OH and I forgot to add how I kept trying to make my Captivate look like an HTC phone. At one time I had 4 different launchers and all these different themes trying to get that HTC look! So Grown up!
  3. Allenfx

    Allenfx Android Enthusiast

    Thats a great story but sooner or later you need to relax and just enjoy a phone for what it is, wait out your upgrade period and get another. They all have their short falls.

    It does sound like you have had some REALLY bad luck here and there..but also that you are really OCD about all this.

    I mean this with no disrespect..have you tried valium/lexapro/ativan/elavil etc?

    Just saying those might help.

    Dont ever get into cars as a hobby...trust me, you cant afford to be taking them back when the next best thing comes out...computers..maybe but even that will almost break you.

    Here is hoping the Inspire solves all your phone woes.... Who knows..maybe it will??


    Edit: Above sounded mean i didn't mean it that way...totally "tongue in cheek" picking on you. Welcome to the club by the way!
  4. t3true

    t3true Newbie
    Thread Starter

    No thats great it made me laugh!... thanks. the story does make me seem that way, SOOO I cannot complain on your reply. And cars are my hobby. BUT you noticed I had a BB for 6 years.. I am very happy when I set my mind to what I have. But thanks for the laugh.
  5. YouGotRedOnYou

    YouGotRedOnYou Android Enthusiast

    That's a great story, man, and really sounds similar to what a good deal of us go through with our toys! Hope you're finding your state of zen now with this phone! 8 days and a wake up!
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