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This Is Optimistic

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by XXSuntoucherxX, May 15, 2011.

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    So I finally tracked down a pretty good friend of mine that now works for HP. The relevance here is that she used to be a field rep for LG. In talking with her, I got some fairly interesting insight about the G2x and all it's "issues"

    - LG is well aware of various bugs
    - Those bugs are DEFINITELY affecting the 1st, 2nd and 3rd builds of the device, and they're basically working them out as they go along.
    -These bugs are what's holding up the Gingerbread update. Which bugs aside LG has had ready for T-mobile for weeks now.
    -If it wasn't for the rush to market the phone, it wouldn't have been as buggy, and it would have probably been released with Android 2.3.
    -They're trying to prevent numerous hot fix updates from being pushed as they don't want to, get this, "provide fragmentation".

    There was some other random stuff she mentioned, but nothing too relevant about the phone specifically. Incidentally she left LG shortly after the G2x was released because she was recruited by HP, not for volunteering info. So with 5 days left in my 30 day return period I returned my G2x for a wide range of issues it's having, so far in the 30 minutes I've had the new one, there are no new problems. I cannot determine what build version I have now, but I can say that I got it from a low volume Tmobile store in Chelsea that I always deal with. They typically only get 3 or 4 high end phones at a clip to sell, so I'm fairly certain this is one of the more recent builds. I'll mention something is anything pops up, but so far so good.


    • Gingerbread should be out officially by the end of June, typical "push-to-phone" could take a few weeks to finish. With a few extra things added to the release it "should" fix a lot of rebooting issues.
    In light of the new info, and the fact that my 3rd G2x has started the whole rebooting - lagging - freezing thing, I returned it today, going back to the MT4G till the Sensation comes out. I tried really hard to love this phone, and I do. I think I'm at the level now where I need a phone that works, not one I have to work around. If Gingerbread improves the phone, or later builds do, I'll definitely give it another look. But now It's the Sensation till the Nexus 3 comes out.


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